Thursday, March 26, 2009

And... 2 links for you.

My sweet Louisville Mary (since I have a Coleman Mary, I have to specify) wrote some terrific posts on motherhood. I really enjoyed reading these even before I knew I was pregnant. There is something about her writing that strikes me as genuine and refreshing. She also encourages mothers to remember their frailty, "You are going to fail." This is good. It puts you in a spot where you are ready to depend upon God and give him all the glory.
So, any mothers or future mothers, take a few minutes to read (or even print) Mary's 8 posts on Motherhood. Go here!

Also... check out the latest from Kstan with my friends Aaron, Charity and their almost-adopted son, Sam! They have written some great posts lately, and the pictures are wonderful. Feel free to leave an encouraging comment... even strangers can be such a huge blessing in this LOOOOOONG road they have been on.
Go here!


chance n said...

Congrats on your baby growing inside of you! We are so Excited for you guys.


Heather said...

Thanks for all the update. I promise to write back soon!

Laurel said...

How'd your first appointment go?