Thursday, March 26, 2009

Just Want To Post :)

Howdy again,
My kids are taking tests, and I am sneezing my head off, which doesn't make grading sound too lovely. I'm itching to go eat lunch, since a sweet parent brought me a special lunch from a nearby restaurant. I can taste it now!

Some of you have asked questions about my pregnancy either on facebook or on the blog. I'm sorry I haven't really been much of a blogger... I feel like I used to blog better, but now I only post random posts at random times. Maybe one day, I can find a more focused purpose for the blog again, and I don't want it to be TOTALLY baby. :)

Here's the scoop on life at the Butts' these days:
-I am going to hit the 8 week mark tomorrow. (I need to fix the counter on the side.) It changes each Friday, which gives me yet another reason (weekend, occasional jeans day, date night, etc) to believe that Friday is a wonderful day.
-No morning sickness yet. I keep hearing people say, "I didn't get sick until week 8" or "My vomiting started on week 10" so I don't know if I'm in the clear yet. I'm grateful though. I did decide that if I start getting queasy, I'm going to wear tennis shoes to work, so I can run to the bathroom, which is way down the hall.
-My symptoms: FATIGUE, weird and vivid dreams, some heartburn, and... all of the others ones, I wouldn't share in such a public way. :)
-A few ways pregnancy has changed my routine - I take a nap almost every day after school. I try to walk about 3-4 times a week (bought new tennis shoes to inspire me), we decided it was a great time to work on being even more healthy, I work really hard at getting enough calcium (I heard the baby takes, so to speak, yours from your teeth and bones if you don't get enough. This freaked me out.) I'm kind of anal about my calcium intake as a result. :)
-Dustin had a big possiblity of a ministry job out-of-state. We were very much looking forward to it, but God clearly closed the door. However, as He has taught me over and over in trials, God intened it for good and He does all things well. We are shifting directions as a result, and we would appreciate your prayers for wisdom and direction. We are in awe of how God is guiding and providing.
-Dustin graduates in May. That's not far away at all. We are incredibly excited about it! I'm so proud of him, too.
-This is my last year of teaching. As long as we can afford it, and we're willing to live super-tight if that's what it takes, we are hoping I can stay home for quite some time. It is somewhat bittersweet, but mostly sweet at this point. Hey, give me a break, it is March, and I have 15 boys. :) But, I have enjoyed this teaching season, and I've definitely learned a lot through it.
-I'm leading a small women's group through the book, Pleasing People, by Lou Priolo. It's been a really encouraging study, and the gals I meet with are so transparent, encouraging and our times together are refreshing.
-Dustin's taken up running again.
-4 minutes until lunch!
-I've decided that I love to make and eat Asian Chicken Salad... easy and healthy! Use Asian Dressing of some sort, greens of some kind, chow mein noodles, mandarin oranges, toasted almonds and chopped, cooked chicken. It's delicious!
-The weather is getting really pretty, which means our allergies are kicking in. But, I am so glad I don't have to wear my recess coat each day.
-My first doctor appointment is April 8.
-When I told Dustin about being pregnant, it was the most anticlimactic event ever. I just interrupted him as he was deeply focused on a huge paper with something really profound like, "Um... I think I'm pregnant" but I finally bought him the sweet Willow Tree New Dad. That is how I always hoped I would tell him (wrapping it up and giving it as a surprise). Life's not like the movies, I guess!
-Dustin is teaching "Little Peanut" a verse already - Children Obey! What a great Dad! :)
-Next week is Spring Break! WOOOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I'm not setting my alarm clock all week.
Love ya'll. Hope you're a little more updated.


John said...

Rachel did not get morning sickness. She did have problems with heartburn until the "bitter" end! Once our twin girls came along, Rachel did not teach anymore. (did not want to say work so I don't get into trouble) :O)
It is SOOOO worth it to stay home with your kids, if able.

Jamie Butts said...

Thanks, Coach White! Maybe I won't get sick either. I know not everyone is able to stay home, but that's our goal, too. I really look forward to it. And it is work, so I hear! :)

Anonymous said...

We are so proud for you and pray for you and little peanut.

love you muuuuuuuuuucho,


thehes said...

Hey Jamie...i heard that bit about calcium out of your teeth & got super freaked out b/c I've never had a cavity & didn't want to start. My dentist said it's a bunch of hooey. (Don't know if "leeches" out of your bones or not.) Anyway, moms get busy & stop taking good care of their teeth which is why cavities are common w/ new moms. But keep up w/ the calcium, I'm sure it can't hurt!! =)