Thursday, March 05, 2009

Brooklyn Grace Bebee!!

So, this is the sweetest little girl, sweet Brooklyn Grace Bebee! She is the new daughter of our friends, Ryan and Sarah. I've got to hang out with her 2 times, and we are already good friends. :) She's so tiny and sweet. I was amazed to think of how all of her little finger nails could fit into one of mine with room to spare. She smiles and coos, and so do the happy parents! :) We love you, Brooklyn.
I stole the picture from Sarah's blog, so I'd better link up so you can check out more! I fell in love with this picture when I was checking your blog today, Sarah! (Bella's looking good too though!)


sarahdodson said...

Isn't she lovely! Praise the Lord for the birth of another beautiful baby:)

The Cooks said...

What a sweet baby!

You guys gonna be Southerners soon?