Thursday, March 12, 2009

Clayton Update

Please keep praying for Aaron and Charity in Kstan as they pick up their son! Go here to check out the latest! The pic is of me with sweet Charity!

And sorry the blog has been sparse. It's been busy lately, but I will catch you up before too long. :) It's the last week of the grading period, which always makes for a full week. And, I have fun company coming in town this weekend... my sweet mother-in-law. She and Dustin are trading places, as he's headed to TX to see the State B-ball Tourney with his dad, a long-standing tradition. Then, Dad Butts and Dustin will join us gals on Monday for a few days together. We are thankful for our family!


sarahdodson said...

Hey, Jamie! Sounds like a fun plan. Enjoy your time with your mother-in-law. I have mine with me now and she's WONDERFUL! I feel sorry for those who don't get along with their in-laws.

Chad said...

Enjoy the weekend and time with the family after the guys get back! Heather