Tuesday, August 21, 2007

What's Up

Hello from my teeny, tiny but wonderful lunch break. I thought I'd post a quick one.

1. School is well underway. I'm still getting to know my class. They are great! Some have unique needs, so my work will be cut out for me. It is very stretching for me as a teacher to slow down, assign tasks in managable steps, etc. to ensure that no child is left behind or lost. In MANY ways the school year is going incredibly smoothly compared to prior years. However, it still requires great discipline to get to bed on time, get up on time, keep papers graded, stay organized, etc. Always a sanctifying time. I have to really stay on top of things to manage home and school, spend plenty of time with Dustin, stay involved in church, etc. However, I have a wonderful job and I'm so thankful. It's a unique season, but the Lord is so gracious. Besides, it is neat to remember that taking on this job (during this season) is helpful to my husband. He can have some more time to focus on seminary. He's such a help, too. So many evenings I come home and he has my dinner ingredients laid out, the laundry started, classical music on and a hug waiting for me. He's the best. This is great and allows me to come home and be able to work on dinner and the home and still make it to book study or Wednesday church. Pray for balance and energy for both of us! I'm sure every reader can relate as most people we know are on a tight schedule! May the Lord grant ALL of us perseverance, joy, discipline, etc.

2. Dustin's classes are going great! He's reading a ton and learning SO much in his new classes. I'll tell you all more about them soon, if he doesn't beat me to it.

3. Joey came in town this past weekend. What a fun surprise. She called early on in the week explaining that she had a flight planned to visit a friend in Chicago. It fell through, so she was wondering if she could change her ticket to Louisville. OF COURSE. We were thrilled. We had a great weekend and even headed out to Huber's Farm where we ran into the Plevans and had a splendid time. We picked rasberries, blackberries and grapes. Pictures pending... It was sister weekend, because Cara is in town to visit the Bebees, so that was super fun.

4. I somehow popped my jaw today (talking too much!) and it really hurts when I eat or open my mouth too wide. Any ideas? Laura?

5. Baby Dr. Peppers are great.

6. I think I'll only blog on Tuesdays unless something special or profound is worthy to be shared.

7. I took on a paid position after school called Staff Care. I watch about 50 staff kids in this huge gym. I give them about 30 balls, the studious ones head to the corner and do homework, and I just stand in the middle with a whistle while mass chaos reigns. Not too shabby though.

Until then!


Slade said...

Once you get used to popping your jaw, its stinking awesome. I find myself trying to pop it constantly now, but then again, I pop all my joints constantly.

Kind of a weird feeling when it happens though right?

gerlthouse said...

My jaw pops, too. I think its annoying. My dentist showed me these little exercises to do. I can teach them to you. You feel sort of silly (well, really silly) but it helps. Oh, and don't chew gum really...or eat apples that arent' cut up.
That, my friend, is how to remedy jaw popping.

gerlthouse said...

And you know what? I need to change my little picture that pops up when I comment. Poor old Jake. The internet people might not even know he exists. He's almost a year old and I still only have a picture of Max and Anna Kate. Well, I have pictures of him...just not on my profile. Whatever.

Slade said...

jamie...you still have it where i can't commen some i'm not some google account member or whatever...

so i think your jaw questions been answered...it's normal. some of the coolest people seem to have the same problem. =)

i love you tons! thanks for your email!


Jamie Butts said...

Okay, Laura Jane! I'll work on that later. Soon, hopefully. Slade, didn't know you were a popper! Erin, I'd love to see you teach me, I mean I'd love to learn your exercises. Fun stuff. I feel better if anyone was wondering. :) Minor occassional popping, but I think I'm a survivor. Poor Old Jake. :)

sarahdodson said...

It's neat that you can help your husband and he also helps you! I love your attitude about it!

That Staff Care position sounds very, uhm... LOUD. Is it?? Hope that goes well for ya! :)