Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Early to bed, early to rise.

Not as excited about blogging these days for some reason. Hmm. I'll try one as I work on eating my afternoon snack. Yea for green apples (not pink lady though, Erin). School starts tomorrow! I'll finally get to meet my new kids. I've had 4 "old kids" come by and see me which was really fun. Things are going really well at school so far this semester. We finally came to our senses and are attempting team planning, which is delightful. Instead of planning all subjects and getting premature grey hair, I will now just be responsible for 1 or 2. I know! It's thrilling!

My main subject to plan for the team is Bible and I will assist with S.S. and Science which rotate by semester. There you have it. It's wonderful. And, our Bible curriculum is vague at best, so there's a lot of freedom to tweak. Feeling more efficient and prepared with 1 1/2 years of teaching under my belt now. Send new teacher friends my way, because I have about a dozen major "Why didn't anyone tell me?" things I can share if it could help. Got the new hair cut for the new year; good idea, Mayci. Frugal Idea #301: Go to the local hair design school. Cut/Style for $14 + tip, BUT be prepared to wait awhile and it's somewhat of a gamble. My stylist did a great job, but it's like Priceline, Laura Cozart, you just never know what you're going to get!

Dustin's helping some guys move their stuff in his truck, and then we'll have tacos. I love tacos. Happy Taco Tuesday, Laura and crew. Okay, so I told you I wasn't really good at "The Blog" these days.

Pray for a smooth start to school. Should be a great year! Bed time's in a few hours. Farewell, summer.

Oh, and this is what I'm reading:

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Kari Plevan said...

I think you are back to school today! Hope it's a great first day of school. I'm sure it will be a great semester and a great year!

I'm totally gonna be hitting up the Shelbyville Farmer's Market again very soon--call anytime you wanna come too! How were the tomatoes?

Slade said...

hey jamie! it's laura. sorry we got cut off the other day. love you!! can't wait to hear how things are going. miss you!

sarahdodson said...

Hi, Jamie! The new plan of the teacher's just being responsible for 1 or 2 subjects DOES sound like a great plan. Let us know how you like it:)

I hope you have a most blessed school year. I know you will (once again) be a terrific teacher to have!

sarahdodson said...

sorry. teachers without the apostrophe. just had to add that.

Vanessa Kynes said...

Stepping Heavenward is an amazing amazing book! I am so glad you are reading it - good for the soul!

jules said...

Hey Jamie! how's school going? let's talk soon. how's the women's ministry book? I'm thinking about purchasing one.

GUNNY said...

That women's ministry book is great. I heartily recommend that every pastor read it.