Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Tuesday Ramblings

1. Today is Erin Gerlt's birthday. (Insert loud cheering here!) And in the Lord's wisdom, it just so happens that her family is picking up and moving to Pennsylvania for awhile and on their way, they are stopping in Louisville. We get to see her ON her birthday, which is really fun. The "We Know and Love the Gerlts" Kentucky crew, and there are lots of us, will enjoy a yummy dinner at Jason's Deli to celebrate and love on some Gerlts. Wish you could come. If you can't, head by their site and comment a birthday greeting!
2. We have met all of our neighbors, but our visits are seldom and brief. Sad, huh? Everyone is so busy and working on different schedules. However, we have some new neighbors that we're bonding with quite well. We love David and Leslie from California! Leslie's pregnant, too, so we'll have a baby close by! Check their blog out here. Looking forward to getting to know them (and our other neighbors) more during our time in Louisville.
3. I feel as if this heavy, complaining attitude prevails in school settings. Kids get whiny and so do teachers. I've been talking a lot with Dustin about how to have joy. Attitudes really are contagious, right? "I'm stressed out" attitudes or "I'm tired" or "That's not fair" or more pointed attacks on authorities over us. It so dishonors God when I praise Him in the mornings or at church and then grumble, even if it's ugly sin that just stays in my heart. Eventually it will come out, right? So, I'm trying to go on the offense and plan how to maintain a Christ-honoring attitude. Yes, teachers are tired, but so are mothers and pastors and the terminally ill and the persecuted. Surely, we can do more than just commiserate with each other. So, pray for me. I need it. I'm selfish. Even on the "great" days, I want to get MY things done, worry about MY class, get on to my home. Pray that I will have patience, an encouraging word for others, a heart of gratitude, etc.
4. Sweet Dustin had an incredibly high fever yesterday, but he's doing better now. I was a little sick on Friday. Being sick is also a way to be put in our place. We are created. We are human and feeble. Dustin prayed last night at dinner that God would use our weaknesses to make us more dependent on Him. Amen!
5. Along those lines, I'm learning how to deal patiently and lovingly not only with students, but with parents. In private school settings, parents are paying, so they are very involved. Wonderful, right? Well, yes... but pray for wisdom! I have parents who have concerns that class is too challenging and those who think it's too easy. So many needs, e-mails, phone calls, etc. Pray for me to demonstrate salty, fitting, grace-filled, appropriate answers. Just pray for wisdom overall.
5. Joey's in Israel!
6. That's it for now. Until next Tuesday, here's an often-mentioned quote, once given to me by Sarah Dodson.

"I have a great need for Christ. I have a great Christ for my need."
- Charles Spurgeon


Laura said...

you said, 'she's pregnant, too.' too?? as in...you are??? =) love you!

hope we can catch up soon. phone tag again.

Michelle K said...

Hey Jamie--
I found your blog through Joeys. Not sure if you remember me or not..I used to go to FBC Murphy and am now at the Prov with Joey. Anyway, congrats on your first year of marriage and your big move. It's great to see what you are up to and how things are going. I teach in a private school, as well, in Plano, so I can relate!
~Michelle Kearney

Jamie Butts said...

Sweet Laura! Haha. One day! Can't wait. Yup. You're winning on phone tag.

I definitely remember you. You teach art, right? We talked at that church picnic for a long time. Thanks for loving my sister! She's great. Hope teaching is going well. Tell your family and the church family hi for me.

Vincent said...

If I can find my copy of Stepping Heavenward I will read it with you. I have been wanting to read that book, but it has just been sitting on my shelf for a while!!

Cari Vincent

Michelle K said...

Yep, I teach art for PK-2nd grade...good memory. You can find my blog at http://michellek.wordpress.com/

I don't update as often as I should, but I try!


sarahdodson said...

Hey, Jamie! Happy Birthday to Erin (a bit late...) Glad you got to see her!

Still working on the book. My mom thought I wasn't reading it fast enough, so she (the speed reader) took it from me and with her moving, etc., didn't get a chance to read it. SO, it's back in my court and as soon as I'm finished I'll send it back. I'm sorry it's taken so long. If you need it back sooner, let me know and I'll send it pronto:) Thanks for your patience with me...

Praying for you concerning school. Hope this is a good year for you.

Shea Politte said...

I just want you to know that I have a new love and respect for teachers. Now that Jacob is in Pre-K, I am learning just how many layers of education there are. He is in a class of 21 kids, and 4 don't even speak English!! I can't imagine...
Well, I just want you to know that I'm adding 'teachers' to my prayer list, and you're included in that. Sorry about the parents...I am learning about how to be an encouraging parent and not a nagging one, too!!
Love ya!

Doniece said...

Jamie, loved your Christ-filled thoughts and will be praying for your many busy days teaching, dealing with kids and parents, and fellow teachers. So glad the Gerlts got to see all the Louisville bunch-precious time! Love, Momma D