Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Little Update

Several friends of ours have recently moved in to Louisville for seminary. It's so exciting! Chris and Sarah Peek, Ryan and Sarah Bebee and also some friends of mine from Countryside Bible Church, Richard and Jessalyn Hutto, are all here from TX. It's neat to have some friends here with some history, although we love our new friends as well. Just refreshing and fun. We've been having a blast painting, moving, having friends over, etc. I'm also getting my classroom ready. I need a fun "teacher hair-cut" like Mayci with school rolling around. Getting ready to meet my new class. When I think about it, it's weird to prepare yourself to meet 21 little people that you'll spend about 35+ hours a week with... I need to update my new site a little more, but it's coming...

That's just a little pictureless update for you. We miss our TX friends who don't live in Louisville as well. Don't feel left out; just come visit us soon (or move). We're ready for you.

Hmm... other than that, I haven't been reading as much for the Booked Blog lately. Working on some teacher books for an ACSI certification that's required of us. Hmm... I'm trying to get back on a early to bed, early to rise schedule which hasn't worked out too well yet, but maybe next week. :) We're headed to church in a few minutes, so I'll wrap this up.

Oh, check out Stepping in Faith for my cousin's latest.

Love to all.

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Cole said...

hey girl,
I have a 2 friends from church here in Sa Tx. moving up there to go to the seminary also! Aaron and his new wife Jenny Montgomery, and Tyler and Alyisa Sultze and there little guy.

sigh... lots of people moving away.