Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Safeguarding Against Adultery

I'd like to share a quote from another wonderful Purple Cellar article. Take 2 minutes out of your day to read it. She began her article saying this reminder is for those who are married and those who aren't. That covers all of us, so I hope you are encouraged to read it.

So how can we guard against adultery? We begin by acknowledging that we--each one of us--is absolutely capable of committing this sin. It takes humility to see that we must—and can—avoid places and people who tempt us. Avoidance prevents advancement. Pretty simply, yes? Simple, but not always easy. We can't go there in imagination or in body, not even to the fringe; not even to situations we can so easily rationalize as harmless.

Go here to read and consider the article in its entirety.


sarahdodson said...

A very good reminder, Jamie! Thanks for sharing. We ALL need it.

Cara Bebee said...

Isn't God great to give us His word to live by, to sanctify us, and to fight off sin!?! I miss you Jamie!
-Cara Bebee...content in singleness-