Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Rise and shine.

While I am still able to blog from time to time, I agree with Dustin and Blake that sometimes it's just not very high on the priority list. However, the encouragement received from various blogs lately has been welcome. When you are "far from home" it is also a great way to keep dear friends "close" and not "out of sight, out of mind" so thanks from the Butts! One of Dustin's missionary friends jokingly e-mailed about how he would now stay in touch with our family through my posts, so I guess I need to keep it going!!

For now, it's a chilly morning. The kind of day where you drink coffee with your husband and have a throw around your shoulders and another one in your lap as you eat together. I had like 6 layers on as I went to the car. =) I thoroughly enjoyed the day off yesterday, and I'm ready for my 21 kiddos to come pounding in the room before too long. I'd better be going, but I'll be updating soon. Catching you up on life in tha 'Ville.

Random tidbits:

1. You all need to own the latest c.d. by Sandra McCracken, The Builder and the Architect. I highly recommend it.

2. Go to www.biblesunbound.com and read up about a unique opportunity.


Laura said...

thanks for the post jamie. glad to hear you actually enjoy seeing your kids this year. =) love you.

sarahdodson said...

6 layers of clothing?? Wow, it must be really cold; here it was around 30 or so all day long. Brrr for TX! :)

Mrs. Jamie Butts :) said...

You're right, Sarah. It's probably colder in TX. I am just a wimp. I only had 3 layers of clothing. And a hat. Gloves. Warm socks. The works. Ha! I think I exaggerate sometimes on useless things like when I say "like 6 layers of clothing" - ha! LOVE YOU. Stay warm. Eat soup.