Monday, January 22, 2007

6 Months and a BABY!

Like my friend Sarah's recent post, the title's a bit deceiving. However, today does mark our 6-month anniversary and we do have a baby to announce.

Two things struck me early this morning as I was thinking about how I've been a Mrs. for 1/2 of a year...

First, I was really amazed at how fast time flies. It's nuts. The next thing we know, we'll have quite a few little Butts' kiddos and more gray hairs than we care to admit and live in "in the middle of the jungle somewhere" at this rate. It's incredible how much can change in your circumstances and in YOU (from growing in areas like cooking to having sin exposed) in such a short time. Second, I was just thinking about how I'm so stinkin' in love with my husband. (Obviously, the phrase "in love" is way more loaded than the flippant way it can come across. I'm in a biblical covenant. I understand, but I'm also stinkin' in love - ha!) I never was much on people marking their "months" when they were dating as anniversaries (doesn't the word imply a YEAR... annual?), but to pass the 6 month mark in marriage is pretty cool. As we reflect, we see the gracious hand of God upon our lives and we know ourselves to be thoroughly undeserving.

And for the baby announcement - Uncle Dustin and Aunt Jamie have a new nephew to present to blogland. Pictures will soon follow... We are so excited to announce the arrival of Henry Amos Martone, little brother to the adorable Ethan Cash and sweet son of Dustin's sister and brother-in-law, Alison and Johnnie.

Also, check out Kari's site, because it inspired me this weekend. Helpful links! Target had baskets on sale, and our new and improved kitchen owes Kari Plevan a big thank you! Looking forward to more, Kari!


Mary said...


Monday afternoon and I am just now checking Blogs. How excited was I when I read the title of yours. I immediately thought "Jamie tried to call me on Friday to tell me this news...AAUUGH..and I was not home.
While I am glad that I did not miss a phone call with such important news, I am a little saddened at the fact that there is no "important news." Yes, I do count six months of marriage important.
Anyway..sorry I missed you. Hope to get back to you soon.
Love you.

Anonymous said...

Sorry for the tease, sweet Mary Row! I thought it was kind of funny, but then again, Dustin says I laugh at my own jokes now... guess I've been a 5th grade teacher for too long. One day, if the Lord wills and I'm "withchild" you will definitely be on my to-call list. :) LOVE YOU!


Sarah Bebee said...

Jamie -- loved the blog! Glad I inspired you...and we can laugh at each other's jokes...b/c I may have been the only one that thought my joke was funny as well!! Congrats on the nephew!

sarahdodson said...

A big congrats on your new (handsome!) nephew. Sweet baby! And yes, 6 months IS important and very special, if you ask me:) I always love to see a God-honoring marriage- it's the best! :)