Thursday, January 25, 2007

Beginning Monday

I hate to believe the ODP is really dead. However, because Dustin's blog is in hibernation, I know that a few of his faithful readers come to mine to catch up on him. I am encouraged by his discipline which includes cutting back on things like blogging, but I know some are curious how the ODP is faring.
I remembered that he always posts what classes are coming up. Blake, Eron and Chance usually do that as well. I think it's a great idea, so the folks back home don't just think of the guys as "in seminary" but can actually hear more about what they are learning and how to pray for them or whatnot. After a nice long and much-needed break, I think he's ready to settle into the routine of the semester. He said he is looking forward to these classes more than any previous semester. There will be TONS of reading and papers, but he's (being the King of organization) already charted it all our and divided up his reading and assignments. It is a heavy load, but he's excited.

Starting Monday, Dustin will be taking the following classes as he embarks upon his 3rd semester at Southern:

Introduction to Christian Philosophy - Dr. Stephen Wellum

Introduction to the Old Testament 2 - Dr. Peter Gentry

Ministry Evangelism: A Holistic Approach to Gospel Ministry - Dr. T. Vaughn Walker

Survey of Christian Ethics - Dr. Kenneth Magnuson

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sarahdodson said...

It sounds like your husband's doing some wonderful studies. Wouldn't it be neat to be able to take lots of classes on biblical things and learn SOO much?? that's great! An important thing to remember is the Lord has to open our eyes to spiritual understanding- it doesn't just "come."