Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Last Night and "Linkin' Up"

Before I send you on a little visit through blogland, I wanted to say that last night I had the wonderful opportunity to hear Dr. Stuart Scott and his wife (Zondra Scott) speak at Pendergraph, a monthly event for seminary ladies or seminary wives. It was good and extremely CONVICTING. I may post about it soon. Oh.. and I even won a door prize. =)

LINKIN' UP (coined from my cousin, TRAV)

1. My cousin Trav has 2 posts covering the 10 important aspects of the ministry of Southern Seminary. They have sparked some interesting conversation. I believe he covered these points very carefully. He had a very FULL time at his preview weekend, so it seems. If you're curious to learn a little more about where it is that Dustin studies, go to these new posts. We can't wait until Travis comes up here! :)
2. Challies has an interesting post about Halloween. I think I like his spin on it, as I have some friends who have really learned to do holidays in meaningful ways, in but not of the world. What do you think? Kind of a controversial topic.
3. My husband has a post (10/22) on a modern hymn that we love. Go listen to the audio sample.
4. Kari Plevan has superb ideas on getting organized. Thanks Kari and Mary. Ha!


gerlthouse said...

Sweet friend! Tell me about your door prize! And:
1. Conversation surrounding Southern always seems to be interesting.
2. We join the ranks of the ones who strive to do holidays differently than the world...while still doing holidays. I loved Challies post.
3. Loved they hymn.
4. Way to go, Kari. I read the post. And way to go Mrs. Mohler. for teaching very practical things to young wives.

Mrs. Jamie Butts :) said...

Erin friend!
Door Prize= $8 to Mark's Feed Store, a yummy barbecue place in Louisville

Speaking of holidays, does that mean I get to see pics of your kids in cute costumes? I'll always remember your sweet nephew who was dressed flippin' sweet in his Napoleon costume or little AK a cute pirate. Back to grading...

Kelli Bragdon said...

Thanks for sharing all the great posts! I am so pleased to know that you have the same opportunity for training at Southern that I am enjoying here at Southwestern!! I have learned so much through my classes with Mrs., Dr. Patterson.
- I was glad to read the Halloween post. It is what I have come to myself regarding the holiday and how to reach out. Isn't that the point? Reaching out to a world that we are in and not of? I think this philosophy would go a long way in helping us reach those around us every day!! Thanks Jamie, for sharing!! Enjoy your BBQ!!