Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Another Update

I haven't posted in awhile. Thought I would give a super quick update on the Butts' family and life in Louisville.
(a numbered list - like Kari and Laura)
1. Dustin is finished working at SBTS info. booth. This means that he's home every night. Life hasn't really slowed down, but there are benefits. We don't have to scarf down our food in 10 minutes before he heads to work. We can go to bed early and not feel like the only time to talk is when he gets home from work. And many more. We're really grateful. I love my husband!

2. I have one quarter under my belt here at CAL. They arrange the calendar by quarters, not six weeks. Starting the second one has really been encouraging... I have more of a grasp on lesson planning, using time wisely, the curriculum, grading, etc. And... one more quarter until Christmas!

3. I confess. I kept it a secret, because I desperately didn't want anyone to be upset if I didn't have time to see you. I went to Texas last weekend. My friends Erin and Kelly both had babies and I knew I couldn't see them much (if any) at Christmas. It was now... or when they were no longer newborns. :) So, Dustin let me buy a ticket, take a personal day and hop on a plane for a quick weekend visit. I spent one day with my family and one with the new babies and their families. :) They are beautiful. We had a blast. I enjoyed the break.. and some yummy Mexican food. Sorry I ate it without you, Dustin.

4. Ranger Rick is coming today and so we have an afternoon assembly. Except Ranger Rick is a woman. Who knew?

5. Quickly - I had put the link of our new chuch, but I did want to tell you that they will be adopting an updated Articles of Faith soon. The old one is on their
site. We heard all about the new one is a member's meeting, and it is VERY good. Just in case you were wondering about the wording or vagueness of the original, which has been around since 1894!! We are so thankful to have a church home.

6. Still cold, but my parents bought me a new coat for an early birthday present. Woohoo.

7. Prayer Request - please pray for wisdom and discernment about how to deal with a situation with a student. His home life is awful and he needs support, prayers, love, and time. Please ask that the Lord would give me grace to know how to best serve him each day.

8. Did I mention how adorable Baby Jake and Baby Kate are? I'll post pictures soon.

9. Eron hates smacking. Ha!

10. Don't pick apart my grammar in this.. in a hurry.


gerlthouse said...

Ranger Rick. Oh, man. I loved Ranger Rick. Wish I was there!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for #6. I sure wouldnt want to have wrong wording or vagueness on the affirmation of faith. Taht would be terrible!! You might even go to hell if you are not clear.... You fundamentalists need to wake up and focus on Jesus and his ministry, rather than get carried away with the wording of a doctrinal statment. Give me a break.

Travis said...

anonymous -- I think you meant #5. And I'm wondering, is this kind of comment necessary? At all? Why vent like this? Who are you mad at? Do you even know this person? Please, I beg you, don't be bitter in this way.

Mrs. Jamie Butts :) said...

Um... Eron, can you tell me how to do that thing where you moderate your comments...

Otherwise, I'm out of blogworld. It's silly...

I didn't say the first one was BAD, it was great or we would be at church there right now. We just think the one that is about to come about is really HELPFUL.

Thanks, Travis.

gerlthouse said...

Wow, Anonymous. Way to speak up. And how brave of you to leave out your name!

Laura said...

love you jamie.

Sarah Bebee said...

Jamison -- love the updates!! And I am super glad you go to see the little babes...and PS, we need a picture of the Lyrene baby ASAP!! Love you!

Rebekah said...

Hi Jamie~

Sound slike you and Dustin are doing wonderfully! I'm so happy for you.
Sorry about that someone esle said, it was really brave of them to leave out their name. Hope Eron can show you soon. It's pretty simple to change your settings. Glad you have friends like Travis to stand up for you, especially in the amazingly, harsh world of blogging!
Love you, girl. Stop by my blog sometime. I'm going to try to post again soon!

Phillip M. Way said...

Go in to your blogger dashboard, select "Change Settings" and then click on "Comments". Then enable comment moderation and give it an email address to email you when you get new comments. When you get the email you can click a link in it to either publish or reject the comment.

It is simple, useful, and unfortunately necessary!

And by the Way - let us know when the new doctrinal statement is available online. I have been watching your new church with interest and would really like to see the new statement.


sarahdodson said...

Hey, Jamie! it's almost your birthday, whoo hoo! Sorry about the tactless comment. I think he/she just wanted to attract the wrong kind of attention. Glad you got to come to TX:) How kind of your hubby. I remember mine let me visit my family in Washington for 10 days b/c I missed them so much. So sweet!

Kelli Bragdon said...

WOW! What a bonehead! I hope you won't quit because someone forgot themselves to "wake up and focus on Jesus". Heaven forbid we as Christians know what we believe and care how it is portrayed!...Keep it up, Jamie! Why do bullies always pick on the sweet ones?

Mrs. Jamie Butts :) said...

Thanks all. I wasn't too worried about the anonymous comment (only frustrated me for the first 5 minutes). I did add the comment moderation. Not a bad idea...

Love to all. Rebekah, let's see pregnant pics!

Pastor Way - we'll keep you posted on the church. We have been VERY encouraged by it so far.