Monday, October 05, 2009


This Friday, my husband and I are going away for a night for two celebrations. We are (finally) celebrating our 3rd anniversary, which was back in July. And, we are celebrating what is to come, taking a "babymoon" of sorts. I delegated myself as the sneaky planner of the trip, since he's been busy with school. So, he let me put that in my court (yippee), and I have had fun getting it all planned and ready. I'm now to the week of "torture Dustin with clues in his lunch." His guesses are quite comical.
We are both looking forward to it. Marriage is a wonderful and sanctifying thing, as a friend told me when I was engaged. She said it was "just as wonderful as it was sanctifying and just as sanctifying as it was wonderful." I'm sure parenting can be described about the same way! Great words! And speaking of marriage, these 2 quotes, which I read within a few days of each other, have really been on my mind. They are on the post just prior to this one. The second one is especially helpful.

When we get back, on Saturday, I'll have my Church Baby Shower that night with sweet friends. So, there is a lot to look forward to this week. We are humbled by His mercies, of which we constantly know ourselves to be undeserving.


sarahdodson said...

Enjoy your time with your hubby; sounds like it'll be nice :o)

Heather said...