Thursday, October 15, 2009

Picture Catch Up - Part 5

Saturday night was my church baby shower. It was so fun! My sweet friend Erin Wheeler hosted it at her house and her 3 girls helped out. She and Eliza are in the first picture. Cindy planned some really great games. I'm horrible at putting on baby clothes while blindfolded, but it was really super fun. I guess I'll have to practice some more before changing diapers in the dark! There were lots of women there, and we had a wonderful time of fun and fellowhip. I have been so blessed by the friendship and example of the women at our church. The devotion was really encouraging too, based on 2 Corinthians 4. Erin typed it up for me, so here's a quote for you to ponder:
The image of clay is to point us towards God and away from ourselves. We are just vessels for His use. The mundane things of toilet scrubbling and cleaning spit up can all be done for His glory... As a mother you have the distinct opportunity to be a clay pot for the kingdom of God in your parenting. What you care most about will eitehr strengthen your gospel witness or distract from it. There is no in between. You will either live your life as a clay pot mom, or a china vase mom.

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Laura said...

yea for great catch-ups!! looks like the trip was a lot of fun.

i am so pumped to see you soon...Lord willing, of course! :)

love you!

Brittney said...

Happy showers to you! What a profound way to view our ministry. I am curious about you Anniversary book. Will you tell more about it? You look beautiful Jamie. The Lord has richly blessed us!!

Kristy said...

Love all the pictures. You look great pregnant! You'll have to have lots of babies. :) the purple bridal suite looks so fun--glad you got to celebrate with your hubby. Much love to you!

The Cooks said...

Oh, I'm so jealous -- missing all of you! And I'm so happy for your precious growing family. I just love you.