Thursday, October 15, 2009

Picture Catch Up - Part 4

In Jeffersonville, just down the street from where we stayed, we discovered a delightful little Candy Shop/Old Fashioned Soda Pop Shop/deli. If you are local, you need to take your kids (and your husbands) there. You can even watch how they make candy. It's been open since 1858! It's called Schimpff's Confectionary and it might have been the highlight of the weekend for my sweet-toothed-husband. We got some yummy candy and even came back later in the day to eat at the deli. We each chose a small Potato Soup, since we were full from a big breakfast. Over lunch, we updated (finally) our Anniversary Book with memories from Year 3, striving to follow advice from friends Mary Row and Pat Horner and "record the history of God's gracious dealings" in our lives. We also added a few things to our baby book. :) We also went to Huber's Farm on Saturday, but we didn't take any pictures there. Oh, and I'm back-tracking now, but on Friday, we went to Rocky's on the River for dinner, one of our favorite Italian spots around. Anyway, we were grateful for a fun and relaxing weekend. It was fun to look back, look ahead and just hang out! Next time we get away, we'll be bringing a sweet little bundle or calling a babysitter. :)


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mindy said...

I want to go there when I come next. Sounds so fun!!!