Saturday, October 31, 2009

Pregnant brain is real.

At night, when insomnia comes, and you decide to post, you can go in 2 directions - serious or funny. I have plenty of serious thoughts swirling around in my busy mind right now, as the ticker on the side of this blog says 9 more days to go (and God's ticker might be less than that perhaps).

But instead of rattling on and pouring out my soul to cyberspace (not always a smooth move perhaps), I choose funny. I have already read for awhile. Had a snack. I'm awake, but not super alert, so I'll be safer choosing funny, I think.

I just wanted to give you a few reflections on "pregnant brain." Ever heard of it? It's REAL. And, if you think it's not, don't tell me, because if you do, you're just saying I'm stupid, basically.

Here are my examples over the last few weeks. And here's an article, just for kicks.

-I go to ValuMarket, our neighborhood grocery store that's mighty handy. Armed with about 15 thank-you cards and no stamps, I go in to the customer service area and pull out my wallet.
"Hello! I'd like to buy a thing of stamps. What are they called? A book? How many are in a book, I can't remember?" (Not too shabby so far, but random you can tell.) She helps me. I buy the stamps. Then -
"Thanks! Now, can you tell me where a... er, um... where I could send... where is the nearest, I need to send these letters, do you have a..."
I could NOT for the life of me remember the word mailbox.

-I go to Costco, where I'm the Thursday pizza-go-getter for an international lunch each Thursday that our church helps with on the U of L campus. I do this every week. They know me there. I say the same thing every week. This time, it didn't come out right, but I thought it did. I was CERTAIN it did. I rattled out my usual order while mentally thinking about baby or how I can't wait to be rid of my dumb maternity jeans... or something. I'm not sure WHAT I was thinking.
"Hi again! I need 5 whole pizzas - 3 combos, 2 pepperonis and 1 cheese. I'll be back." As I walk off, he says, "That's 6." I turn around, thinking he hadn't heard me right, but try to be kind to the poor guy and start over. I think I changed up the order. "Of course, sorry. 5 pizzas. 2 pepperonis, 1 cheese and 3 combos. Thanks!" "That's 6." I hate to add this part, but we honestly went through it one more time before I realized my mistake. My husband asked me later if I mentioned I taught Math for the last 3 years. Thanks a lot, Dustin. :)

-I completely missed the exit for CAL on my way to tutoring the other day, while engrossed in other thoughts. I was late.

And finally, this isn't about pregnant brain, but just pregnancy in general. A confession. You know how pregnant women get really sleepy? And they need to use the restroom a lot? I have fallen asleep twice on the toilet. Leaned up against the wall in the middle of the night. Twice.



Eric and Lar Holquin said...

girl that is flippin' hilarious!! lol:) guess i have something to look forward to someday!!! hahah!!!!

Travis Mitchell said...

Love you, cuz. Hang in there!

ps- I'm planning to help a good friend of mine move to Louisville in a few weeks. Would love to see you and the new baby!

blbartlett said...


Thanks for this fun article, very cute. Based on your observations, I have concluded that I am in fact pregnant, and likely have been for about 27 years.

Excited for you guys!


Michelle Kearney said...

Too funny! And congrats on your upcoming arrival...we are happy for you!