Friday, February 20, 2009

Has Anyone Read This?

Have any of you gals read this book? I always avoided it at the stores when it came out. I think I had prideful issues with reading Christian books that weren't by an author I knew was GOOD. If it wasn't on that list, then I assumed it was cheesy or something.

I am only on chapter 3, but I'm just wondering if you gals had read this. It's been helpful so far! I wish I would have read it before I got married. Or in high school even. I got it for about $4 at 1/2 Price Books recently.

I will just say this for now - while you can't stereotype your man and he may not fit into all of the research of this book, I'm pretty sure you can learn something about males in general. And it may help you be a more understanding and loving wife, friend, daughter, mom, church member, etc. And it may guide your prayers as you pray for men.

But... what I really want to know is did you read it? And, if so, what did you think? What did you learn?

If you haven't read it, more info can be found here. You can even read a PDF excerpt.


Laura said...

i haven't read it jamie...let me know how it goes.

Jamie Butts said...

I will. So far, it's been really biblical. I think I might try to read most of it this weekend. (It's short and an easy read.)
Try reading the PDF excerpt if you catch a chance and let me know what you think.
You know - Ever since we talked the other day, I keep thinking how great it would be if you could come visit us!! Keep watching those cheap flights!

I'm just headed out. Happy Friday, Laura! :)
Love you!

Anne said...

maybe I can borrow it when you are done?

OhK-Booth said...

I haven't read it either, but i am looking forward to hearing more about it. Keep me posted. I was sad I didn't run into you at the gym on Wednesday. Love ya though. We should do coffee sometime.

Momma B. said...

I have read most of it. I found some of it eye-opening and some more basic. It's sitting on my shelf, and I intend to finish it but am easily side tracked when reading books like that. My mom sent it to me after hearing the author speak on Focus on the Family. I have heard her speak on the program about the book and haven't heard or read anything that I found to be unbiblical. Enjoy your read!

Jamie Butts said...

Anne - Yes!
I agree. As I've kept reading, some of it is pretty basic, as you said. Some is just really helpful though. I think girls can be clueless at times to the purity issues that wage war against men. I think it's helpful to try to dig in to what's going on in their mind. I'm also intrigued by the way that men really need the respect that God has called us to give them, how they battle insecurities more than they show (which we probably already knew, but good to think about) and how we should still strive to look nice for our husbands.

Justin and Keri said...

Jamie, I read that book 2 years ago. It was really eye opening. It's been helpful for me, when I apply what I learned from it :)

Momma B. said...

Yes, the respect thing is what I took away from the book too. God keeps putting that in front of my face. Just when I think i know what respect is HE has a new insight for me! Isn't it great Great that God walks this path with us and helps us love our husbands better as we go!?