Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Don't Let Money Hold You Back!

For the wives -
I think Valentine's is a great time to show your husband how much you love him. And, if you think that Valentine's is way overrated, commercialized and dumb, you are probably right. So, pick another day (Feb. 19 will work just fine, for example) and get to planning.

And, don't let money hold you back. I racked my brain this year trying to think of something fun to do that's virtually free, and I came up with something. It's been a really fun project. (Dustin's not a huge blogger, but just in case he checks, I'd better be stealthy, which adds to the fun element...)

What's my point? Well, here's the deal. I think that sometimes we women can get too me-centered. We want our husbands to surprise and romance us. (And sometimes they do, and sometimes maybe they don't.) We get expectations in our head and wonder what he will say or do to wow us (not just on Valentine's). But, we need to get others-focused, even in our homes. And it can be super fun! So, this year... don't think of yourself, just start scheming - how can you show your husband that you are crazy about him? How can you make him thrilled that he married you? How can you encourage him spiritually? How can you surprise him in the midst of a busy work week?

And don't worry about you. Don't CARE if he forgets. Don't fret if he's not romantic or full of surprises. You just do your part and love him well. Husbands are a blessing. Can you imagine your life without him?

If you have more ideas (especially low-budget ones), do share in my comment section. :)


Eric and Lar Holquin said...

i agree jamie!!!! thanks for the idea!!

Kristy said...

Take an ordinary meal. Make one place setting and serve it on a platter so you can "share it". Make it look fancy--even if it is sandwiches--cut a heart out or something. Maybe even use those cloth napkins you got for a wedding gift. I am ashamed to admit this--but we do this with chili hot dogs sometimes. My husband LOVES it!

Kari Plevan said...

Make him breakfast. There is something about men and loving breakfast. Eggs & Bacon are totally affordable and nothing makes a man happy like the smell of bacon frying in the pan! Or make special muffins or his favorite quick bread (banana bread with chocolate chips). Yum!