Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Election Musings

Several people have asked me about working the polls yesterday...

A few thoughts, on being a poll worker, and on the 2008 elction in general -

1. I didn't work with senior adults, although Laura Cozart and I really like them. =) The other poll workers were about my mom's age or a tad older (which is mighty young, Mom). And one was a grandmother of my student... small world.

2. Old Louisville is eclectic. We mainly had U of L voters, so it was fun to see lots of students who confessed, "I have no clue how to vote. Please tell me what to do!" The brand new voters were so great... it was fun to see their enthusiasm and involvement. Other than that, we had all sorts of fun people. It's an interesting place to live which makes it an interesting precinct!

3. Working the polls helps you see your neighborhood. You literally see a good chunk of the people who live within easy walking distance.

4. Working the polls taught me a lot about the election process. It was a good experience, and I would encourage others to try it next time!

5. Being a poll worker means sharing a long time out of one day, but if you have the day off, I think it's well worth it. I will get $120 for the training and election day, which is only about 8 an hour, but it comes at a good time, with Christmas right around the corner.

6. Other aspects about the election (hearing conversations all around me there, talking about it with co-workers, overhearing kids, reading blogs, etc) keep me coming back to a 2-word reminder in my head - DON'T PANIC. There were pros and cons of both canidates and important moral issues are rightly on the forefront of the minds of most Christians. However, we know that God is on His throne. He is Sovereign over the affairs of men. We can pray for president-elect Obama, not in despair, but with hope. God does all things well.

7. Proposition 8 passed! :)

8. I wanted to say THANKS to fellow church member Matt Wireman for posting a helpful answer to a popular question these days. Is it okay to abort if the woman was raped? This is something people really discuss, my neighbors included, and Christians need to think deeply about the issues. This is only one of many questions surrounding the abortion issue, but this one strikes me as unique in that you often hear people on both sides of the issue wonder about this one.
Matt said, Doug Wilson has written a good post on this issue. Here’s the gist of such a view of justice:

So here is the answer to the “rape and incest” objection. When a woman conceives as the result of a rape, there are three parties involved. There is the rapist, there is the woman, and there is the child. Two of these parties are innocent, and one of them is guilty. What kind of sense does it make to execute one of the innocent parties for the crime of his father?

I don't think this answer would necessarily help anyone who was very pro-choice. I am not saying that it will change minds or hearts just by spouting it off to friends who disagree... only God can. But I think it's helpful. I think it's good. I realize these are emotional issues that often divide. I won't be getting into politics very often on here, but I do think Christians should respect and pray for Obama earnestly, praying to the King on His throne, and that we should be thinking very deeply about the issues that have and will continue to affect our nation and live by the Word of Truth.

9. Oh yea, I was on the news! I was told that I was working hard, which relieved me, because I only remember the media's cameras surprising me when I was just starting on my burger Dustin brought me from Sonic! Glad they didn't show that clip!

10. I do agree with Carolyn McCulley completely and she worded it so much better than I could -

Though I disagree with many of President-elect Obama's policies (and will be praying for change), I still appreciate the tremendous moment facing us with the election of our nation's first African-American president. Read more here.

11. Go here for a prayer to pray for Obama.


Kristy said...

Jamie--so glad you posted and that tuesday went well. Glad you got paid for your hard work too. I posted a couple of verses on my blog too--"The king's heart is a stream of water in the hand of the Lord ; he turns it wherever he will." Proverbs 21:1. A good thing to remember and to pray for. God changed my heart, and Pauls and Neb... how do you spell it? You know what I mean. :) So yes, praying for change. Much love to you!

Cara said...

Jamie! I love you! I'm glad you enjoyed working the poll. I have really enjoyed being at 3rd Ave and hanging out with you regularly. It has been a huge blessing. And most of all...thank you for always reading my loooong blogs and leaving a comment. The other day I read every blog I wrote just to see where the Lord has taken me and I looked at who commented and you were a regular commenter on my blog. Thanks! Love you and we will get together soon! Peace!
Phil 1:27

Betsy said...

I have a question to those who are very anti-abortion: What is your stance on unjust war? Thousands of innocent Iraqi children and families in Afghanistan have been killed or have suffered because of U.S. action. Do you find that acceptable because someone else told you it was in the name of "freedom"? (Yes, I do know a lot about the war being married to a Iraq veteran and going through that). I look at being "pro-life" in more than just the time in the mother's womb. Do people not realize that most of Obama's policies actually do more to help those in need which would actually help limit the number of abortions than any GOP platform? I am sorry Jamie, I apologize for possibly politizing your blog and I do respect you a lot.

Some of the comments on that link that you posted about a prayer for Obama are just down right ignorant. (I don't hold you responsible for those comments though nor do I believe they reflect all your views).

Jamie Butts said...

Hi Bets!
Like last time, I'm going to write you back on e-mail. I think blogs aren't the place to get in deep dialogues on the comment section... just my personal opinion. :) I'm happy to write back on e-mail and carry on our conversation from this week, if you really want to know what I think. You've been a dear friend for a long time, and I am glad you think through these things carefully!
One question for you... what parts of the prayer bother you, then we can chat about it. Just write me that on e-mail, okay? If you want...
Love ya!

sarahdodson said...

I'd like to do that some day, as well. Kinda hard with 2 kiddos:) Glad you had a good day. I like what you shared!