Thursday, November 20, 2008

Goodbye, Gorgeous Fall Leaves! I'll miss you!

Our sweet friend, Kristin Booth, captured excellent pictures such as the one above that you can see on Cara's blog.

Honestly, it is hard for me to say hello to winter and goodbye to fall. (FYI, I know it's not technically winter yet, but it's starting to feel like it around here. And most of those pretty leaves are now on the ground.) I'm a wimp. Having winter just around the corner is pretty daunting to me: figuring out how to dress for cold, needing 5 more layers of clothes to brave recess, going to school when it snows, not being able to feel toes, trying to save money so not using too much heat, less sunshine, etc.

But... there are many things to be thankful for during winter. Well, there are always many things to be thankful for! That will remain for another post, another day...

Open House today! 13 hours at school. Hopefully it will be a very productive day of grading. Speaking of...

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