Friday, November 14, 2008

Black Friday!

No... I'm not depressed today. :) Just thinking ahead to the day after Thanksgiving...
Now, I am not usually a big shopper. And, I hate hitting malls when I know there will be crowds. But I like a good deal, especially this year when we have been budgeting carefully to finish Dustin's school. So, when I was sent this link, I thought maybe I should be brave and head out early on the Friday after Thanksgiving. Sarah and Becky Peek scored amazing deals last year. Maybe, I think, just maybe I could get all of my Christmas shopping done before 10:00am and buy a few cheap birthday gifts ahead or something. This is how I think. So unreasonable... 10:00am! Yea right! :)

So, you seasoned shoppers, what do you think? Should I do it? OH, and are certain grocery items also on sale on this day? Like can you buy amazingly cheap canned pumpkin or turkey or something? Just curious!


Anne said...

Here is the question..."Is it worth it to save 50 cents or 1$ while you wait in a 2 hour line to pay for something?"

Kristy said...

Jamie! II must say that I love getting out the day after Thanksgiving.

I also love how some stores do extra % off before noon. JCPennye used to give out chocolate bars with coupons inside--maybe they still do? I never really needed anything there---but I loved the chocolate and the excitement of what would be inside--a golden ticket maybe???

I also love watching the news friday night to see crazy people fight over dolls or tvs or whatever. (My sister actually stayed up all night a few years ago to get a "good deal" on a tv! That is too much to me!)

Last year, we were at michael's house and I figured there would be no shopping--just football, right? Well, David had a project going and he ended up going to walmart like 4 times! and lowes!

After all that I probably will skip out shopping this year--most of my shopping is done--I got motivated in case things get crazy closer to Christmas... but I may have to come up with some excuse-at least for a walmart run.

OK--this is a huge comment! Pease post on how it goes.

Love you Jamie--enjoy your thanksgiving!!!!

Kari Plevan said...

Hey Jamie!

I think if you can make a plan it's well worth it. There are ads online posted early, and the paper either on Wednesday or Thursday has the actual ads themselves. It is good to go through and circle what you want and/or make a list. Gotta love lists!

If you have a lot to buy, it can be good. Especially on certain items like electronics, toys, etc. There are some great clothes deals too.

Not sure about the grocery thing...but you can check most grocery store ads online (Kroger, Meijer, etc.) This may help!


Michelle K said...

It can really be worth it if you look at the ads beforehand and go in a store with specific items to get. Last year I got a puffy winter jacket for $10. I needed a warm coat for morning carpool duty and it has been wonderful!

Arielle said...

I love Black Friday, just because of budget shopping.