Wednesday, June 04, 2008


So, since I've written last,
-I finished up that last afternoon of wrapping things up for another school year
-We cleaned the old apartment and moved to the new one across town, with help from sweet friends
-We brought a livable amount of order to the living room, bedroom, bathroom and kitchen, but there is much to be done
-We walked to church for the first time and even made some new friends on the way back home... U of L students from China who are brand-new Christians and looking for a church that's not as far away as the chinese church they have been attending... exciting
-We have met most of our neighbors, but we don't know them very well yet.
-Dustin started Hebrew, and he's diving in. He has flashcards, DVDs and homework... oh my! He's also started working 3 hours an afternoon at the seminary information booth. Feel free to call the school between 3-6 and prank call him. :)
-I started my Foundation and Frameworks training, and we're on day 3 of the 10 days. It's getting really overwhelming, but hopefully we'll survive. It's incredibly detailed "blueprints" (instead of lesson plans) that involve teaching, learning and assessment all in one. You create your own rubrics and long story short... it's very different and potentially very time-consuming. We're all trying to stay positive though!
-Laura and Shaunna both had their babies... yippee
-Our ladies' book study started a new book for the summer... Disciplines of a Godly Family... I recommend it already!
-Still have white legs that haven't seen much sun (which is probably good because of allergies), but I'm counting down the days until there is a true break! Ha!
-Speaking of, I'm going on another retreat soon to regroup and plan out the summer. Should be helpful! I'm looking forward to a day at a coffee shop or somewhere to think, plan, read, etc.

Gotta get back to class!


Kristy said...

Jamie! Love you girl! Thanks for the update--I will be praying for you. Hang in there with the crazy schedule and allergies. And moving... And everything else going on.... :) Summer is supposed to be a break, but it fills up soooo fast! I've been thinking of you lately as I just posted about LG Training on our blog! It was so fun getting to know you your first summer at Camp and sending HUGE emails to each other! I love you!

sarahdodson said...

Sounds like you have been super busy!! Stay positive;)

Enjoy the summertime, and don't worry about white legs. There's absolutely no shame in that:)

Erin said...

Loved the update, friend. Wish I was there to retreat with you. But we're just SO FAR...
Well, maybe I can plan mine at the same time as yours at least.
Miss you. Can we catch up today? Maybe this afternoon? Love you-

And we should start a White Legs Club. We could make T-shirts or something. Like Sarah said, there is just no shame it white legs. Honestly, I'd rather have white legs than sit outside and melt while they are turning brown. Seriously. Maybe I'll get some fake tanner--but probably not. I'm too cheap. White legs are free.

Anne said...

I pride myself in my "marshmallow" look each summer. Although, as a mom, I have discovered that sitting at the park tends to give you "farmer" tans that are almost worse! Than you look silly when you wear other clothing. So...all this to say, be glad you don't have a "farmer" tan!!
-We saw Dustin at school yesterday. Seemed like he was enjoying his study time.
I was going to write "see ya Sunday"...than I thought about it...and hopefully I am NOT there:)

Heather said...

At least we won't be wrinkly from all the tanning when we are older. Thanks for the comment. I just not got things working thanks to Slade. Enjoy class!

OhK-Booth said...

Sounds so exciting, busy and yet fun! Can i just say that i am excited to see you guys. I am moving in to my new place August 1st and 2nd. yippy!