Tuesday, June 24, 2008

No Internet

Well, I guess I won't be posting as much as I originally thought. We've opted not to add Internet at the new casa, and save the $40 a month it would have cost. Mainly, because we have access through the seminary and through my work. We can part with having Internet at home for the summer.

That said, I'll just check when I can. I'm not sure what that will look like, because I'd rather not fork out $5 at the coffee shop every day just to check e-mail and a few blogs. That would not be helpful to any growing addictions (to caffeine or computers). Maybe sometimes though. :)

Tuesdays are my self-designated "school days" this summer, so I'll get to check a little then. Some "school days" will be spent working from home though. I just spent a few hours working on an F&F unit, which is a term you may start to hear a lot if you hang out with me much. More about the program can be found here. If you lose touch with me next year, I'll blame it on that. J/K, but it is pretty involved. Hopefully, I can get ahead somewhat with summer Tuesdays carved out for school.

On that note, I'm ready to get back home! I'm digging the weather and more time with my husband and at home, among other things.

I'm currently reading a book by Mark Dever - The Gospel and Personal Evangelism. It's short and helpful. Go grab a copy today.

Wish I could talk more about the book, but I seriously need to get out of my classroom. It's stinkin' June! :)


Blake White said...

Alicia and I are reading Dever's book right now. Great read!

Jay Scott said...

wedding pics are up

sarahdodson said...

It's actually JULY! See how long it's been since you've posted;)