Friday, May 30, 2008

Summer!!! (Almost...)

Well, despite my puffy red eyes and sanctifying snotty nose that causes sleepless nights, a tired Mrs. Butts is a happy Jamie today. I can take off my teacher hat for a few months. There is a 2 week training for the teachers starting on Monday, but I think it won't be that bad. I am sad to say goodbye to another class, but excited for them. It's neat to see them get a hard-earned summer and head on to middle school. Hopefully, we have prepared them as much as we can!

Thankfully, EVERYTHING is basically done here, except a few small things, and I can leave at 3! Then... we're starting our move tonight. We'll just be moving the un-boxed items tonight and going out to eat to celebrate the end of the year.

Our plan is that next year will be my last year of teaching (at least any time soon). I'm thankful to work at a great school.
Okay... enough sappy stuff. I'm not going to lie... I'm pretty happy to say goodbye to the children. :) I love them and all, but seriously... it's time!

(This is an old picture and a little fuzzy, but this was my crew from this year. Yes... someone gave me bunny ears.)

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sarahdodson said...

Yay! time to celebrate:)

have fun moving!