Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Happy Simple Week!

Well, folks, we are getting our move on. My grading is done (but don't tell the kids... they still have 1 and a half more days) and MOST of our boxes are packed. I'm thankful. We declared this week "simple week" and have enjoyed gourmet meals (taquitos, fruit, lean pockets, pizza, etc) on fine china (paper plates and paper cups) to celebrate (help us survive) the move and end of the school year. We get the keys for the new place on Friday night and pick up our moving truck early Saturday morning. We should have plenty of help, and we are getting an e-mail out to local friends and church family with the clever subject line of "Move Your Butts." I made it up myself, but I still keep laughing. I really love our name.

I'm wrapping things up at school. I'm making the kids the promised cookies right now and finishing jotting my letters to them in their writing journals. This is the time of the year as a teacher where you are tempted to wallow in your misery of all of the things you should have or could have done differently... but you just have to trust in the Lord and then gear up to make appropriate changes and be MORE encouraging, prepared, intentional, etc next year. It is nice to have fresh starts. I see growth each year I teach, but I also see SO MUCH room for growth! It's not really the time to analyze though (too frazzled to be helpful)... I just have to know that the Lord can use me in spite of me, if that makes sense. Kids at school make me have a glimpse into the life of a mother... they really see your kindness and love as well as your bad days when you are short, unorganized or distracted. I have to apologize to the little guys often (and probably not enough), and that is humbling, people!

Well, I'd better get back to work. Next up... student profiles for their files.

I guess I'll write again sometime after we get our move on! =)

Happy "Simple Week" from the Butts! By the way, I highly recommend planning simple menus when you know a week is going to be extra-CRAZY!!!


Anne said...

lol. Yeah,I'd have fun with a last name like yours too:)

Heather said...

Enjoy your new place. I love change...moving into a new place, getting organized all over again, redecorating. What fun. Luckily you have all summer to get things just right.

sarahdodson said...

Hope the move goes well. I'd love to help if I lived a bit closer;)

That IS a good idea with the simple menu thing if you're having a crazy week. I do something similar to that if/when we have a tighter payday. I plan very simple, inexpensive meals- it makes it kinda fun and different.

You are a sweetie to make them cookies! :)

Shea Politte said...

"Move your Butts" -- I LOVE that!! I'm sure my boys would love that too. I would share it with them if I didn't think they would repeat it a hundred times. :) Jamie, your blog is so encouraging to me! I can relate to the allergy thing and I appreciated your Biblical perspective. I miss you!!