Thursday, December 06, 2007

Whassup Recipe and Whassup Melodie!

We've hosted 2 get-togethers lately that both included WASSAIL. I got 2 recipes from my friend Erin, tweaked them a little by combining some ingredients of each of the 2 and made it in my crockpot. It's super easy and apparently a big crowd-pleaser. And my concoction has its own name now. At David and Leslie's Baby Shower/Game Night, one guest had never heard of it and thought we were saying Whassup. It was funny. So, that's its name now. I hope we always call it that.

At the second party, "Christmas Guys' Night/Blokus Night II," (great guy friends of Dustin's he met when he was living in the dorm) one of our dear friends Jeremy was a HUGE fan of our newly-declared "Whassup" (more like "Wassuhhh") and asked if I could put the recipe on my blog.

This recipe is from Sweet Doneise Gerlt, plus an addition (OJ) gleaned from an online recipe and changed the name - ha! Thanks, Erin's Mom!
We make this in the crockpot for company, but you can cook it stovetop of course. I think it can be stored in the frig for up to a week and you can reheat individual servings in mugs in the microwave.

1 gallon apple cider (but depending on your crockpot, you may use a little less)
2-3 sticks cinnamon
12 whole cloves
2 tsp. allspice (whole)
1/2 (or more ;P) cup of brown sugar
about 1/3 of a can of frozen OJ concentrate

Stir often and heat thoroughly.
Serve with red hots in a little bowl next to it and you can put a spoonful in each cup before you put the hot cider in. (Good idea, Erin!) However, your guests may prefer to chomp on the red hots all by themselves. :)

**Note to Louisville people - I had to find some of these ingredients at Kroger. The Neighborhood Wal-Mart wasn't very wassail-friendly (on some of the spices), but the Wal-Mart does have cider by the organic fruit section.

OK, Jeremy. Hope it turns out great! Maybe your mom will make it for you over the break, huh?

And Melodie, my middle sister I always called Merdie, is headed here tomorrow evening! We look forward to a great weekend with plenty of Whassup.

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Unshakable said...

so sad.. i get back from halfway around the world and both of my sisters are together, but in a different state. sigh. have an awesome time together!! i love you both and i'm praying for you guys!