Thursday, December 20, 2007

So, I'm a little behind.

Okay folks, so I'm a holiday behind, but I do have pictures to prove we took a roadtrip up to Pennsylvania for Thanksgiving. Our dear friends, the Gerlts, are there for Chad's Chick-fil-A interim operator job and we had the pleasure of giving thanks alongside them... mainly in our PJ's.
We had a wonderful time. So, we didn't always wear PJ's, but we did stay comfy. We enjoyed Erin's AMAZING Thanksgiving meal (about 3 times) and lots of time playing with the kiddos.Oh, and for the record we not only played with the kids, although we did and it was a blast, but we had some grown-up fun, too. Wii is not just for fifth graders and we also had a much-anticipated round of Blokus with our sweet friends.

Well, I was a bum and didn't get nearly as many pictures to record Melodie's recent visit to Kentucky, but we had a great time. Guess I figured she had an awesome camera and I'd steal her pictures later. And that I did. I stole this picture from her facebook. It rained the entire time she was here, but she loves the rain, so she was a happy camper. And, she got to have a life dream of sorts fulfilled. We toured Churchill Downs and even got to stand in the Winner's Circle as well as see some horses practice. Mel is a big horse lover, so she was thrilled. We also enjoyed lots of soup, church on Sunday, Whassup, a breakfast with the K. Peeks, a rainy visit to Huber's Farm, and some sister time doing a little shopping. We watched a goofy Mr. Bean movie that cost a $1 at McDonald's. Dustin and Mel had lots of laughs... I got sidetracked by writing Christmas cards and Mr. Beans is soooo weird. =) And no offense, Chad Gerlt, but you sort of look like Mr. Beans in that Blokus picture up there, although you are way cooler. Anywho, we love having visitors and it was a blast to have Melodie come for a visit. Thanks, Mel!
Back to packing.
Tomorrow, we leave bright and early to fly to TX to see family (both sides) and maybe a few friends. We usually drive, so it's a nice change. I will also get to attend a dear friend's wedding shower, which is very exciting since I have to miss her wedding in May!
So, there is much to look forward to including... a break from school!! :)
Who is happier at breaks? Students or teachers?
We shared lots of smiles in 5A today!
Merry Christmas!


sarahdodson said...

So happy you had a nice Thanksgiving together with the Gerlts. It's HILARIOUS but Chad DOES kinda look like Mr. Beans in that picture:) ha!! Mr. Beans is definitely a crazy guy, just like his name.

Enjoy your vacation!

Anonymous said...

Jamie, who are you interested in for the presidential bid?