Thursday, December 13, 2007

Linkin' Up

I have updated some links in my little link/resource section of my sidebar.

Metro Moms is a site introduced on Carolyn McCulley's site awhile back. I love spending a few minutes browsing their archives from time to time. Very helpful stuff and currently it has some great Christmas ideas.

Christ and Pop Culture is presented by a few guys at my church and a friend of theirs.
Here's their blurb:
Pop Culture is everywhere. We just acknowledge it. Christ and Pop Culture is an attempt to discuss and think rightly about the common knowledge of our age.
They are currently featuring a helpful article about The Golden Compass, the movie that has everyone talking.

Finally, The Organized Home seems to provide a user-friendly resource for the home manager. It's pretty good from what I've seen so far.

Oh, and go here for some great background instrumental music. I think it rotates abuot 4 songs. It is the instrumental version of the cd, “Glory Revealed” which I learned is not for sale at this time. I don't necessarily endorse every thing on the website, but this music is really great! And there are a few items on there that are great, but it's Christmas, so I can't talk about it. =)


Rich Clark said...

Hey, thanks for the link Mrs. Butts!

Jamie Butts said...

Your welcome, Rich! I like your new blog a lot. Keep up the helpful work, bro!
Oh, and we finally played the Wii. Thought about ya'll. It was a blast. I stunk at some Raging Rabbits game though. :)