Friday, September 21, 2007


As I said in my last post, I'm totally re-vamping my sidebar. It gets on my nerves, and I've already stated my rationale. However, in case I forget where you are or others are really wanting to drop by, I am going to save this link on my sidebar.

  • Our Church

  • 5A Website

  • Preach the Gospel to Yourself

  • Bebees

  • Blake

  • Mr. Cozart

  • Mrs. Cozart

  • Dawsons

  • Mrs. Dodson

  • Gerlts

  • Jay Scott

  • Joey in Israel

  • Mindy Loo

  • My Husband

  • Pastor Phillip

  • Peeks

  • More Peeks

  • Mr. Plevan

  • Mrs. Plevan

  • Rebekah

  • Mr. Stone

  • Mrs. Stone

  • Trav

  • Will and Vanessa

  • Vivian Risse

  • Helwigs

  • Jewels

  • Solo Femininity

  • Girl Talk

  • Mary McCulloch

  • Samantha Bartlett

  • My Symphony

  • Purple Cellar

  • Something Booked

  • Vincents
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