Saturday, September 22, 2007

Happy Saturday!

It's great when both spouses are teachers. Dustin and I are perfectly content spending Saturday mornings or Sunday afternoons, or even date nights, getting some grading out of the way. This morning takes us to an Old Louisville Coffee Shop, where we are grading, grading, and grading some more. We are also having not a few laughs as we use our red pens.

For example, I'm grading Bible Tests, as we continue our study through Acts/Life of Paul. Some of my kids clearly didn't study, but tried to come up with answers from memory.

1. What were the men called who were chosen to care for the needy?
Some of the wrong answers: deatons, demons, dicoons
2. Who was the man guarding the coats, giving approval to Stephen's death?
Saul of Tartar, Saul of Turtle, Saul of Tar



Slade said...

too cute! love you! glad we got to talk.


Slade said...

i wish you'd fix it so i can leave comments since i don't have a google account. looks weird my husband saying i love you.


Jamie Butts said...

Okay, Laura Jane, I fixed it. Sorry about the fact that it took me about a year to just do what took 2 seconds. :) Happy word verification... hoping it keeps the tacky spam comments away!

sarahdodson said...

That's funny:) glad you two can grade together! sounds like fun.

Jamie Butts said...

I forgot a funny one.

What is blasphemy?
"preaching against God, Moses, or your pastor"

I did NOT teach them this stuff. :)