Thursday, April 12, 2007

We're back.

Well, I tried to post a nice long update from our trip... pictures, links, stories, the works. It ruined my whole sidebar and frankly, I just don't care that much. I tried. :) I'm just not terrific at formatting Blogger with pictures. Here's one picture and here's hoping. We had a wonderful time.

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sarahdodson said...

Glad you're home and that you had a good time. You look great!

Laura said...

cute pic! glad you got to get away for a bit. love you friend!

Jay Scott said...

good to see things are still going well. tell Dustin I'm going to call him soon, I have a couple of questions for him

Jay Scott said...

after re=reading what i wrote, it sounds like i was surprised things are going well. that's not what i meant. just happy to see yall happy

Phillip M. Way said...

HA - that was funny, Jay!

Psalm Writer said...


Good to see yall are doing so well! CUTE CUTE pic!

I am learning how to sign so I can talk to Max!!!!!!



Faith said...

Hey Jamie,

I learnd, i am learning to sign and will you help teach me. Plus other random words but i am going to go spend time with the gerlts ever week to learn better!

Faith said...

P.S i will give some kids big hugs form you , and tell ever one hi lol
Love ya!