Thursday, April 05, 2007

"Spring" Break!

Well, the sun was shining and the birds were chirping, but now we're back to heavy coats, sweaters and running our heater again. Oh well... it shouldn't last for too long. We had a pretty good taste of what is to come. I love Spring! Thankfully, the time has finally come for a much-needed break as well. I have 2 conference periods today where I'll be lesson planning like crazy (here in a few minutes, of course). Then... come 2:40, it's Good Friday/Spring Break! PTL! One of our elders invited us over to have Easter lunch with their family and our entire home group after church on Sunday, so we are looking forward to that! It's been neat to have some encouraging conversations with the kids at school about the purpose of the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Well, we are spoiled, because we are both off of work at the same time as the seminary's break! Dustin and I started scheming about a quick road trip. We had a few rules that we both agreed upon, which is why we get along so well:

1. We didn't want to drive far. Why waste the whole week in the car...

2. We didn't care much about sight-seeing, for this trip anyway

3. We didn't want to spend much money.

4. We want to REST and guard our time together.

After some savvy price-line.coming, my husband found a GREAT deal on a really nice hotel in Cincinnati! It's going to be a blast.

So, Lord willing (I heard a convicting Piper sermon on the way to work this morning about the pride in presuming upon the surety of our plans vs. the humility of depending on God for even the smallest details of our life), we'll be headed to Cincinatti Tuesday-Thursday. We'll probably have our cell phones off, so we'll catch you when we get back. Pray that the Lord would grace us with a relaxing and refreshing time for us together as well as spiritual refreshment. Ready for a retreat.

Oh... and besides the joy of getting away a little and spending time together, we were both thrilled to realize another perk. Can you guess? There's not one in Kentucky. It's right down the street from our hotel next week! I've been missing it like crazy! Erin and Mindy really enjoy it. Dustin and I enjoyed our first real meal together here...

Here's your hint:


Kari Plevan said...


That's fun that y'all are going to Cincinatti! Alicia was just telling me how they were maybe planning that for next week, but I think it got put on hold. We will be here...BUT we are going to Cincinatti for an end of the semester get away. It was going to be a surprise for Eron, but I'm awful with surprises, so I already told him :)

Go to the Newport Aquarium there, it's supposed to be really good!


Oh and see ya tomorrow!

Psalm Writer said...

Hi! Jamie, how ya been? i got a blog! awhile ago....but its been so long! heres mt

hope you will comment soon!



gerlthouse said...

PANDA EXPRESS!!!! Woohoo! Great to visit with you this afternoon. I can't believe I missed your blog! Love you so much. You guys enjoy your time together.

mindy said...

So sad that you are not within a days drive to the BEST Panda Express right down the street from Erin and Mindy, but I am sure the one in Cincinnati will suffice! Much love! Still counting the days until I see you guys!

Sarah Bebee said...

I love that your sweet husband has planned a get-away for you two!! What ahuge blessing...and man, I knew I was glad you married that guy!! Ryan and I can't WAIT to spend more time with you guys...enjoy Cincinatti!!!