Monday, April 02, 2007

Ramblings on Fresh Starts =P

Most people dread Mondays. There are times when I join ranks with those who would rather stay tucked under the covers or do just about anything than go turn off the alarm and start another work week.

BUT there is a sense where Mondays are often a fresh start for me, depending on how prepared I am. It is nice to have lessons planned and papers graded (I just have the former) and the classroom clean (yea), but that's not really what I'm getting at here.

I need a fresh start. I need lots. My New Year's Resolutions lasted longer than some years, but of course, my lofty goals eventually started fizzing out one by one. The only one I have consistently kept is, suprisingly, the No Dr. Pepper/cokes (with 3 planned grace days for the year). I didn't wake up at 5 EVERY morning. I didn't work out twice a week and keep up with my Traineo. Sorry, Gerlts and Laura. I didn't do my "morning maintenance checklist" or my "daily do-it cleaning schedule" or always stick with my "3-week rotating menu" and I didn't drink 64 oz. of water a day. I didn't grade papers for an hour after school every day. Bible plan was hit and miss. I didn't memorize a verse a week and grow much in my prayer life. I could go on and on in this self-debasing ritual that really isn't too difficult. It's so easy to know exactly what we DIDN'T do and what we SHOULD have done and how FAR SHORT we fall. There's a lot that could be said here. Whose standards did we fall from? Ours or the Lord? What is our perspective of grace in the disciplines we pursue? Where do we lean on our strength rather than lean on the Lord and on other believers for accountability and prayer? Did I set goals too high? Too low? Misplaced goals all together. Is sleep more important than exercise? Is grading more important than food on the table (NO)? Is this more important than that????

Anyway. I guess I don't have time to ramble on about my thoughts on fresh starts. I'm going to work out today... although it's been TOO long. I made a few freezer meals for the week so that I can catch up on grading and spend more time working on the home and spending with sweet Dustin. No more snoozing. Who needs to wait until New Year's to make new goals? But when will I learn the perspective of grace (and the proper one... not a lazy excuse to be idle in these goals)? When will time management fall in place? I know one thing... discipline is not easy and it is not cheap. I know that the only good in me is Jesus. And I'm thankful...

OH... and a link - Reflections on Easter (With Some Song Recommendations).


mindy said...

I love you so much, Mrs. Butts! I am thankful that you are a fellow laborer in the body of Christ! The countdown until we see each other begins, Lord willing!

Deana said...

I didn't know that you had a blog and enjoyed looking at it. I am thinking I have to get more into these things as I have avoided them for awhile!

What encouraging words to hear. Isn't wonderful that we can always come before the Lord no matter how far we fall short. What amazing love and grace.

Happy Tuesday!

Travis said...

Don't have much to say. I am as guilty as the next in pursuing disciplines.

Thanks for the great thoughts on a hard issue. I'll be praying!

Mrs. Jamie Butts :) said...

Mindy, I love you too!
Deana, I'm so glad you stopped by! Know my friend Erin I always talk about? She has a blog... go to and check it out. :) One day, you two Baby-wise friends of mine will have to meet up!
Travis, thanks for your call awhile back. I owe you one. We play lots of phone tag and I'm it. :) Love you, cousin.

Laura said...

hey jamie. we've jumped back on the scripture memory wagon. we'd been off too long as well. amanda, mayci, heather and i...want to join us? email me. love you! thanks for your honesty and humility. miss you!

Mrs. Jamie Butts :) said...

Laura Jane, don't have your e-mail at work LJsomething???

Actually, I got started with Sarah a few weeks back again. We were partners way back when. Plus.. she'll be close for practice purposes. 1 Peter by April of 2008 - 2 verses a week. Pray! What's your e-mail? Encouraged by you ladies - keep it up!

Kelli Bragdon said...

I hear you, sister!! I have decided that the actual discipline doesn't really matter for much, it's the attitude of discipline that is important. Not that we can have one with out the other, but it is such a fine balance. And usually when I see some progress in discipline my life changes drastically and I have to start all over again! This I do know. . .I will be so glad when my Savior comes again and my struggle with sin will be DONE!! What a glorious day when all we do is to worship the Lord and Savior of this world!
To Fresh Starts, Each and Every Day!