Thursday, March 15, 2007

smorgasbord of updates =)

Hello from the 'Ville.

My absence from Blogworld can only be explained by the fact that it ranks kind of low on the list of priorities these days. The update begins with the simple fact that life is busy. Busy, but good. We are enjoying this season of life, full as it is. Between company, church involvement, being a new teacher and the crazy amount of hours that demands, seminary, work, sleep, exercise (not nearly enough), and just making time for the really important things like spending time together or morning fights, it's been FULL. That's the word that keeps popping into my head, because BUSY sounds so negative. I'd rather say full I guess. We lead a FULL life these days, but so does everyone else.

On the seminary front, Dustin is really enjoying his classes. After much prayer and consideration and the answer becoming crystal clear, he decided to drop philosophy. Taking 9 hours and working is a lot more doable than taking 12 hours and working, especially when each class has over 1,000 pages of reading, papers, tests and articles to critique. I seriously don't know how these guys do it. I can drive up to our apartment complex at any hour of the night, on any night of the week, and see numerous lights on and know perfectly well that some young seminarian is behind that wall reading with a cup of coffee at his side. :) Dustin's no different. He's been working diligently to stay up on reading - whew, it's a lot. Cutting the class load has already helped tremendously. We'd rather stay an extra semester and him really learn and be affected by his studies than be swamped and frustrated. Pray for endurance.

On the home front, we're excited that my parents come in town tonight. They'll be here through Monday and it should be a sweet time. We still need to get some pictures up for friends/fam of the apartment and recent pics (with the Bebees). Hopefully soon. :) We've so enjoyed the home and we're thankful for each cabinet and closet and the little things like counterspace we might have taken for granted had we not started at Fuller. Although I have so much to learn, the Lord has been kind to grow in me a love for homemaking. This is a very unique season, so being a homemaker looks a little different than it will one day (some nights are sandwiches, frozen pizzas, Jimmy John's or pancakes), but dear friends remind me that is just a season. When my heart longs to be home more, I am also reminded that that is a good thing and exactly how God designed it. However, this is a way to get Dustin through school and be his helpmate in that way and home is still priority over work, but it is good to learn to be flexible and learn more about the heart of the issues not just the sterotypes of what I think it means to fulfill God's role. Dustin's so encouraging.

At school, things are coming to a close. This is the first week of the last quarter. 8 weeks and 1 more day to go. I spent basically the whole weekend, minus church on Sunday morning getting caught up on last quarter's grading, organizing EVERYTHING, and getting ahead on this next and last quarter. Whew. Talk about Spring Cleaning. I always say that God is trying to teach me something because my 2 best friends, Dustin and Erin, are the 2 most organized people (Kristy Riedl being a close third) I know and I enter a profession (both teaching and being a wife and one day a mother) where every single person is called to be organized whether they are or not. I've been teaching for well over a year now and it truly does get easier. Give first year teachers a hug though because it is tough. Tough, but good. I love my kids so much. I have a million stories I could share with you about this year. Hopefully good training for motherhood one day, knowing that you have to work hard, discipline, pour out, love on whiny people, laugh, plan, pray... although I consider motherhood much more difficult labor than teaching. I'm guessing anyway. And there's no complaining here because summer is on the way. I pray for wisdom in how to use the summer. Dustin will be taking Hebrew one month. We'll do a little vacation, Lord willing, but other than that... I'm not sure what it will hold. More time with Dustin. More time at home. Resting. Some days at school working on lessons and files and getting ready for next year. Reading. Cooking. Wedding scrapbook. Helping paint the church nursery. Bringing snacks to Kari at her work. Working out more. Piano. Jogging around Cherokee Park. I'm just thankful it's almost here. And maybe I'll blog a little bit more.

To those of you who I haven't talked to in awhile, I miss you. Know that. Laura, you're so good about staying in touch. Teresa, still owe you an e-mail. Aunt Katy, it's cool that you read our blogs. I could go on. But I'll spare you. :P


Kari Plevan said...


I enjoyed reading your long post this morning. A good break in my day back to work. Also, very encouraging to hear how the Lord is reminding you of the seasons in life..and HIS FAITHFULNESS through it all. Sometimes I just think about being at home and long for it so strongly. I am trying to learn to take that and be thankful for that longing and the Lord's grace in that. And then I praise the Lord for the time I do have to devote to our home. We call this time in seminary "a season", and perhaps we are afraid to call it a trial....but I really do think it is just that. This is a hard time. Working full time, knowing that this isn't how life will always be, unknown future, long nights with a husband who is occupied with studies, days of extreme tiredness...on both our parts. Anyway, sometimes I can see this as a trial that the Lord is using to sanctify Eron and I...and the same for all the other people here too I'm sure.

Thanks Jamie for the update. Hope you have a great weekend with the fam!

I saw Alicia today in chapel and we're still on for the 29th. That's only two weeks from today! Yea!

Mrs. Jamie Butts :) said...


Thanks for reading my long post. :) I have 2 conference periods today and I was caught up for once, so I just enjoyed Sandra MacCracken and got to typing before I got to work. :) It is a trial. You're right. Thanks for the freedom to call it what it is. Some weeks are really tough, but definitely sanctifying, so praise the Lord.

How are Amanda and Diana? Did you have a great visit?

Thanks for the recipe card. Gotta go. Oh... and your cute teacher clock is on my table and I think of you daily. Thanks again!!