Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Mystery Solved!

After grading English for a few hours straight, I decided to take a quick blog break.

Good thing. Thanks to the fellow seminarians, Phillip and Cami Bethancourt (great blog), I can proudly go home and tell Dustin the mystery is solved. We kept seeing these billboards everywhere with letters to Bluebell. Dustin and I were intrigued... Blue Bell in Kentucky! Could it be true?
Cami explains the mysterious billboards here. Glad we weren't the only Texans who were curious what was up with one Mr. Sam Schramm.

I don't know Cami well, but she's friends with Travis and the Peeks and that's something special in my book. She finally solved the mystery this past week. Thanks, Cami.

I found her blog through my cousin's who MIGHT be up and kickin' again. It's a good one too. Stop by.

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