Wednesday, September 28, 2011

On the lighter side...

My son is developing quite the sense of humor. For example, Dustin talked about Nate getting his PANTALONES (we like to speak Spanglish) on, and Nate cracked up. He could not stop laughing and yelling, "Pantalones!" which sounded more like "Pantaloney!"

And when we watched a little more videos (on Zoodles) than normal this week, due to his being sick, I discovered that he thought this was just hysterical. It's not exactly the same signs I learned for all of these words, but, well, Mr. Nate thought it was hilarious.

Especially the nappy change. Wish you could all stop by and watch my son watching this video.

"You sign."


grace said...

sweet Nate!

elricha2 said...