Friday, October 07, 2011

Not just for the kids...

It's never a bad thing when I get THESE songs like these in my head. Listen to an entire cd here. UPDATE: If you click on that link and scroll down (arrow to right of grey bar), you can listen to all of their cds!! Wow! So, if you are interested, you can listen to Nate's faves. Choose Seeds of Praise #3 and listen to #2 and #6 to hear what's almost always in our van (if he asks kindly) lately and in our heads and dreams. He actually has been known to throw FITS when his "mouth song" is not on, so we are trying to teach him that he's not in control of the song selection.

This is the only Seeds cd we own so far. Nate's FAVES are #2 and #6 without a doubt. Dustin and I have our own favorites.

Thanks to the Collins for the intro to Seeds Music... We recently bought their van, which they kindly filled with goodies from diapers to Mr. Potato Heads to this cd. I miss you, Collins.

The following two songs are not from our cd, but a couple I found on a quick You Tube search, to give you a flavor -

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Heather said...

Love these. I just ordered and downloaded these from amazon. What a great way to memorize scripture for me and the boys!