Friday, August 05, 2011

The Move.

If you didn't know, we moved to Georgia on 7/23.

The move went well. We were pretty tired though.

Mindy "Mia" came (her 5th time to visit us) and brought smiles to our faces and extra hands to hug and help!

We worked out some energy downtown at the park!

We're bonding.

We get lost in the big city sometimes (note the shirt) but doing okay overall!

That's the picture scoop. Also, Dustin starts his new job on Monday! We are thankful for the Lord's kindness! We miss Louisville and our sweet friends there, but we're also excited about being here. That's it for now!!

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Anne said...

new job? doing what!!!

Jamie Butts said...

Anne! I hope to catch up more soon via an e-mail to the Church or ladies' group. But yes, a new job! At a local university as a Research Coordinator, which is a hodge podge of things that so far, he has really enjoyed. We found out that he got the job AS we were unpacking. The Lord is sooo kind!