Monday, September 07, 2009

The Old Wives ARE Right! Well... 50% of the time. :)

I hope the belly picture doesn't weird anyone out and no, it's not my belly. However, bear with me, because I've been doing some thinking about this little kicking one the Lord is knitting together in there. Boy or girl, boy or girl...

As you know, we are waiting to find out the gender of Baby Butts (and putting our friends and family in suspense too...) I'll have to admit that it's been much more FUN lately than I originally imagined. Quite honestly, I used to be just sort of half-way on the "this is fun" bandwagon with Dustin, making clear (but with a smile) that this was his original idea, or making jokes about how I think this is fun, but I'm not so sure yet. As friend after pregnant friend found out "It's a boy!" or "It's a girl!" at Week 20, I wondered, at times, if I should have taken Dustin up on his sweet offer ("Of course, if you really want to find out, that's fine dear!")

But really, it has been more "fun" lately, for 2 main reasons I think (and only post-picking out names and nursery decor). 1 - When I worry or get a little anxious about labor and delivery, I have this smile-producing, consoling thought - Lord willing, the baby will be born and we will find out "It's a boy" or "It's a girl!" 2 - When I am feeling kind of restless or impatient with the pregnancy (Come on, November!), it's fun to wonder if it's a boy or a girl. In addition, it's fun to imagine Dustin in the delivery room, hopefully triumphantly having made it without fainting (he's a little queasy, my sweet guy) - smiling or perhaps even shedding a tear or two when the for-this-announcement-we've-waited, BOY or GIRL, Nate or Lucy.

Anyway. The POINT of this was supposed to be that lately, some of the fun had been taken away by my doctor. Boo! I like her well enough, but she has told me TWICE that she thinks the heartbeat is like that of a boy, if she were to make a guess. (Why is she guessing if we told her we didn't want to find out... ha!) Although she used the word GUESS, it's coming from a doctor, who said it not once, but twice, and who went to school for these kinds of things, right? I put a lot of stock into her educated, I-do-this-every-day guess, so in my mind, the baby must be a boy. Which would be fine. I'd love a boy. I'd love a girl. But, after all of this time, I'd love a surprise.

So I "researched" (okay, okay... googled) about it, and it seems that even the heartrate test (along with the how-you're-carrying-test and there's even a DRANO test) has not been proven by any medical studies. It's just a guess, just like she said. 50/50. So, I'm telling myself that it's still all a suprise at this point. (We've waited this long; I want to go all the way!) Only one person (on earth) knows our baby's gender; the doctor didn't even find out from the ultrasound. I think she thinks it's fun to wait it out with the few who choose to make it a surprise. So, it's only the sonographer lady. She knows.

I will admit though... there are days where I consider calling her up and inviting her to a baby shower. Is it cheating if we became friends, me and the sonographer, and she busts out with a blue or pink gift? I mean, honestly. :)

And if you are bored and curious, there's more info here and here, even about that DRANO test.


Kristy said...

Love the honesty! And I love all three of you! I can't wait! I had my guesses, but questioned them when I went to a garage sale and came home with TONS of pink.....
And are those the real name choices (because I like them!!!!) or is that a code or something because the name is a surprise too? I actually had someone ask me too if we really did find out the gender, but we were just keeping it a secret. Who could really do that anyway???
Love you Moma!

The Scotts said...

the befriend the sonogram conspiracy mad me laugh.... glad things are going well


Anonymous said...

The doctor told us Liza's heart rate was fast like a boy's but our midwife said that she didn't think the heart rate meant anything. I don't really think it does either. But I do think typically how you carry can tell you the gender. Really who knows? Its great that the suspense keeps you excited! I remember thinking about the delivery too. Nothing you read can really prepare you for the experience!