Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Design on a Dime

Over time, I've learned to embrace the fact that I'm not super crafty, and invite others to help me with my limited decorating skills. Like Dustin's mom painting the tree for the baby's room! One of my "nesting" projects listed was to re-do our bedroom. We loved our old bedspread, but it was formal, kind of dark, we were getting tired of it, it was falling apart (strings kept coming out), etc. We wanted to go lighter, and we didn't want to spend a lot of money. Also, our previous home had these great windows above the bed, so when we moved here, we realized we needed something to go over the bed. The bed wasn't made when I took this before picture, for extra effect (or I was just lazy that day). And yes, if you were wondering, that is a big body pillow in the shape of a C. I borrowed it from a friend for pregnancy sleep... love it.

So, there was also this huge, blank wall (whereas the old home also had windows) and I didn't know how to fill it. What to do, what to do. Looking at this wall every day was making me feel my need to get started on my project.

My friend Cindy helped me! She had this great idea of covering plywood with some padding (or did she say badding? batting?) and fabric. She even went to Hobby Lobby and Home Depot with me, and helped put it all together with Dustin's staple gun. It was significantly cheaper than most of the other things I'd been seeing at the stores, wall art and such. Dustin and I bought a new bed-in-a-bag on a major sale at Sears. And, I found the D/J letters for cheap at Kohls, although we want to change the 8X10 out with a different picture. We also got cheap curtains for the other wall (with windows!) that match really well, but we haven't put them up just yet. Need rods.

Anyway, the whole project was fun, and since I can't sleep right now, C pillow and all, I thought I'd catch up by way of pictures. Thanks again, Cindy!

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Question - Is anyone thinking it still needs one more big tan pillow or something like that? I welcome advice. :)


Laura said...

looks great! althought i'm a big the red comforter the before picture? why is the bed in two different places in both before pictures?? or am i just way off?? :) either way...the final product looks great!

Heather said...

Looks great!

sarahdodson said...

Very nice job!! I'm with Laura- a bit confused about the comforters... anyway, I think you're right- a big tan pillow would top it off quite nicely! :o)

Jamie Butts said...

Thanks friends!

Hehe. The red comforter is the old bedspread in the old home. There's also a before picture in the new casa (the unmade bed). I thought someone might wonder. Old house=great windows above bed. New=no windows above bed... hence, the project began! :)

Vivian Risse said...

Sweet! If you want some fun ideas, I recommend the ideas are fun and easy! (THAT sounded like a commercial!)

Wish I were close to help you decorate. I love to do that!

mindy said...

i love throw pillows! i think you might love some too if you got some!!

baby sister Jo Mo said...

love it! What a great idea!
Hey! I finally got a blog!! :)
you should check it out- Pretty fun stuff. Anyway, you can be the first to leave a comment... :)
Love you! And Dustin! And Baby Butts!!