Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Mindy - Visit 3!

Our Mindy is such a special friend. Since I knew her from DBU, Camp Buckner and Heritage Baptist, we did a lot of life together! And, she's still not sick of me yet. Dustin and I both enjoy her visits so much. She has come each year to visit us. She's such an easy guest too, because she is up for anything and just loves hanging out casually. We always have a terrific time with her. We try hard each time to talk her into moving here. We both miss her when she leaves.

This past visit, we did a horrible job of taking pictures. But the ones I did snap were super cute! One afternoon, dear TX friends Kari, Sarah and sweet little Brooklyn came over to play Settlers. We LOVE Settlers of Cataan and always play games when Min visits. Mindy and Brooklyn are so photogenic!

We love you, Mindy! See you next year.
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Laura said...

looks like fun! i love mindy too! TIMP. :) right Mindy??

um...i've never played settlers. think we can mark that off the list when we come, Lord willing?

Vivian said...

I enjoy Settlers! Miss playing. Fun to read up on you on facebook.

mindy said...

hahha. yes, Laura! still happens occassionally! ;)

Bethany said...

I'm jealous of all that is going on in this picture! Settlers, Kari, Mindy, Sarah, & Jamie all in one room!

Bethany said...

AND Brooklyn & Baby Butts!!!!! Miss you all!! :)