Sunday, May 24, 2009


I've got a slew of emotions/thoughts right now as the school year comes to a close. Is it really over in 3 and a half days? In one sense, the years drag slowly, but in another, they FLY! After this week and then a work day on June 1, I am officially done with this season of teaching, Lord willing, for quite some time. We'll have to tighten up the budget a tad to do it, but it's something we are ready/wanting to do.

I am VERY excited about this next season. However, surprisingly, or not so surprisingly (not sure which), some sad emotions are mixed in as I start to pack up my classroom. This has been a wonderful job overall, despite the many challenges/demands that it brought. Through it, I grew in several ways - from my Math skills to learning how to stay organized through fighting the fear of man (be it little 5th grade "men" or their parents). And, counting TX (taught 2 groups of kiddos at that job) I've had about 100 kids to love on and hopefully train up in the way they should go, from long division to Civil War to vertebrates to the Gospel.

Mostly, I am thankful. But more on this later!


sarahdodson said...

Jamie, I'm excited for you about the new season of your lives. You've been such a faithful worker; I KNOW you'll be missed there. Enjoy your last week (or so). :)

Heather said...

What a great time. I am sure those kids will remember your wonderful heart! I am thankful for this wonderful transition in your lives!

OhK-Booth said...

Bitter sweet endings. I am ready for the new chapter with that sweet bundle though!!! Love ya girl and can't wait to see ya!

Chris & Sarah Peek said...

I'm excited for you sister! I hope this new season means we get to hang out more! :)