Friday, May 01, 2009

Catch Up!

Here's the quick news to catch you up on the Butts' fam -

-Dustin had his last seminary class today! WOOHOO!
(Finals, small papers remain...) Since he's not pursuing a doctorate, this could be his last class EVER, except maybe for coming to some birthing classes or teaching classes, of course. :)

-I had two out with Strep, (not Swine Flu... no worries) and I may have it too. I am headed to the doctor today. It's either that or really aggravated allergies (typical for me for May), but the school nurse said my throat wasn't looking so hot, and I'd better get checked out by a doctor. So, sweet husby said our date night will be Chick-Fil-A Chicken Noodle Soup and going to bed early. Love him!

-Head here to catch up on my friends' adoption process in Kstan. It's sooo encouraging! Pray for them!

-On Monday, I'll be officially starting my 2nd trimester. We saw a picture in a pregnancy book the other day of the baby at 12 weeks. We had been so busy, we hadn't been devouring each week's info, like we did at the beginning. When we saw what Little Peanut looked like, it was a little emotional. It's starting to sink in.

-Unlike my belly... my belly is pooching out, definitely NOT sinking in. I am a proud owner of the BE (by makers of Bella Band) Band from Target. This is helpful, since I was having a wretched time finding pants that were maternity and long enough for me.

-We have 18 1/2 days of school left, but who's counting? :)

-When I'm not sick (with this strep-like/allergy crud), my energy has been coming back. I'm thankful, because it's just in time. My stacks of papers need some energy for me to be motivated to get the job done. A few weeks ago, I was literally napping EVERY day and it was like death to get up in the morning. I also had the messiest house in the whole world for over a month when my energy was low. I'm thankful at least some of the energy is coming back. And, it's all worth it. Overall, I've felt well. I can't complain. I pray often for my friends with constant queasiness... I can't imagine. Take it easy, gals. It's okay to let the house go and take lots of naps!!!

-Dustin graduates on May 15, and my sister (Joey) graduates on May 8. A big congrats to both!!!

-Dustin and I will be tutoring on Tuesdays/Thursdays this summer (good money!), and we have already lined up about 5 jobs total. Dustin has started as part-time janitor at church. The Lord provides! Pray that God would help and guide us as Dustin applies for Math teaching jobs in the local school districts.

-Pray for relationships we are making with friends who do not know Christ. Pray for wisdom and boldness, and that we'll know when and what to say and be obedient.



sarahdodson said...

Great catch up! Sorry you're not feeling well:( Sounds like your husband's got you all taken care of- what a guy!

and I'm so happy for you to have more energy lately. The second trimester really is the BEST. No more nausea (usually!), you're not really big yet and you can just enjoy the tiny baby that is growing, growing inside.

Hope you have a restful weekend!

Heather said...

Lots of updates. Thanks. Glad you are feeling better. Praying for you guys!

thehes said...

Wow...I just cannot believe that Dustin is done with classes. Simply amazing and a good encouraging push for us as we finish out the last few of Buddy's degree (and mine too!). Great to know you're feeling better with the you've just got to get well to really enjoy the returning energy. =) Lots of love from across the world!!

Ian said...

Jamie -

Thanks for your last post (the one before this). I was extremely encouraged by that quote! So much, in fact, that I posted on it too. :)


Momma B. said...

Happy Mother's Day, Mommy!

Anonymous said...

You have a lot going on!! I remember how messy our apt. was when I was in my first trimester. It would suck the life out of me to even cook dinner! :) I excited about Baby Butts!