Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Conference Day

It has become a tradition here at "Embrace Your Lot" to post on Conference Day.
Well... here I am, beginning my 4th Parent-Teacher Conference Day at Christian Academy. Again, I seriously ask for prayer for this day. I meet with 15 sets of parents today, basically back to back, with a few scattered breaks. My stomach is always in knots, and I'm "all out of words" by the end of the day. They take a lot of preparation, and you really need to be "on your game" to remember everything you need to say, speak the truth in love, remain upbeat, positive and professional, stay on schedule, etc. I come home and just stare at a wall for about an hour. :) Pray for wisdom, grace, stamina and anything else you can think of to pray. The Lord is always gracious, and I have always survived them so far, but prayers are invited for sure. Thanks, ya'll!

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