Monday, March 03, 2008

Baby Neighbor!!

We already love our new little neighbor so much!! Congrats to the Blairs for their sweet little son, Jameson! Dustin and I got to go up and see the happy family and hold the baby for quite some time. Very special little guy! Praising God with you, neighbors, for this new little life. We're signing up for babysitting duty!!
Pictures are compliments of David Blair Photography... must be nice to be a photographer when you have a baby! =)


Anne said...

It is very nice to have a degree in photography when you have children!!(trust me).
Very cute pictures! He is cute:)

Shea Politte said...

Awww he's beautiful!! I love that he got that shot of him yawning!! I miss you Jamie! Nikki says she loves her book! :) Come back soon :)