Thursday, January 10, 2008

Crockpot Challenge - Healthy Recipes

Okay gals, start your crockpots.

I keep hearing discussions from people who have crockpots and need more recipes. Same here. There are obviously millions of recipes online, but I LOVE when I have a "tried and true" recipe from a friend. I think of that person when I make it and I know it will turn out yummy.

Crockpots are perfect here in chilly Kentucky, as they are just about anywhere, anytime. They are great for the busy family. And, I like them for the fact that I'm a morning person. I'm eager to get some cooking done in the morning and come home to have a tasty meal. To each his own, but no matter WHY you use your crockpot, let's share the recipes, shall we?

Here's the challenge. I want to gather some healthy Crockpot recipes. People define healthy in different ways, so whatever you define as healthy is fine to submit.

To enter, please send at least one recipe to my inbox (leave a comment if you need my e-mail address) by February 10th, and I will be e-mailing out the compiled recipes to any "contestants" in a Word Document you can print (around Valentine's Day). If known, list your original source too, even if it's your Nana, just so we are being ethical and whatnot (plus, it's just interesting).


Momma B. said...

Hey, I would love to send one of my crockpot favorites if you send me an email. Just look at my profile, you can email me from there.

I *LOVE* my crockpot!

Blake & Shaunna said...

I'll send one if you can send me your address!

Jamie Butts said...

Hey Kelli and Shaunna and whoever else... I'll just write it on here. I think my school has good spam stuff now. Send those recipes to: :)

Vanessa said...


I was hoping to tell Deana that the girls were in the magazine as well, but I think that this was a better way for her to find out! I like how the title calls us a "theologically minded" couple. Classic!

Miss you too! Happy New Year

gerlthouse said...

Hi! I'm in! I'll send mine soon! Love you-
GREAT idea, by the way.

Jamie Butts said...

For anyone who is wondering, I have a "Crockpot Recipes" folder in my inbox that already has 10 wonderful recipes from family and friends. Keep them coming!! This should provide a great resource for all of us. :)