Friday, November 16, 2007

On Self Esteem

From a parent of one of my kiddos:

We would not want her self esteem compromised.

The context is not to be shared, but this quote (above) has me troubled. The self esteem movement disturbs me greatly. Thoughts? Mohler has some. (quoted below)

"The Christian worldview completely reverses this cycle. The Christian finds satisfaction, not in a sense of self-worth, but in knowing the one true and living God. Human beings are indeed made in God's image, and every single human life is thus worthy of respect and dignity. Nevertheless, the gospel makes clear that the Christian's identity is found in Christ--not in the self."
- Dr. Albert Mohler


leslie blair said...

I completely agree with Mohler, but I would add that a Christian's view of self is to be that of a sacrificial, humble perspective. This mother believes that she needs to bolster and encourage this child to think of themselves much more often and more highly than necessary. Not to overlook the fact that as parents we are supposed to teach our children from day one that their view of their own importance is skewed because of sin. Don't we think about ourselves enough as it is? And children even more so...

Vivian Risse said...

"We need Christ-esteem, not self-esteem." You have permission to quote me!
When a person sees him/herself as God does, a sinner in desperate need of mercy, and when that person finds mercy in Christ, undeserving as that person is, he/she will NEVER get over it! And THAT should take care of any "self-esteem issues"!
To know that God loved me in "eternity past," chose me to be His in time, and sent Christ to save me, then called me to Himself so irresistibly--if THAT isn't better than "self-esteem," NOTHING IS! (You're welcome.) (One of the subjects I get fired up about....)
Love you, sis!
I read in yesterday's paper, Fridge for sale, works, but has issues. (Perhaps it needs counseling!)
God is good!

Jay Scott said...

i'm all for public humiliation. the beatings will continue until morale improves!

okay, that was more for shock value/dark humor...

i think it should all be in good measure. you can congratulate and tell a kid good job, but if they get last place, don't give them a ribbon for it. we have to rack and stack our troops all the time, and we don't candycoat when a troop's effort is below what he/she can do. you point it to them for a reality check, and then use that as motivation to help them grow, thus improving there self esteem in a healthy manner.

that may not fit your scenario at all, but its what i deal with.

Momma B. said...

We have so much information spewed at us in this technology driven time, it can sometimes be difficult to keep it all in the right categories. As parents it's easy to fall in to the trap of protecting our child all kinds of things. But we have to remember, God took man out of the garden for his own good. Sometimes the hardest lessons to learn are the ones that end up saving us in the end.

Mary Mc said...

So, Jamie, how did you respond to the parent?