Thursday, November 08, 2007

Max and More

This picture cracked me up! The other kiddos have equally amazing costumes, but I want to send you to Gerlt House to see the rest!

I just had to put a huge Max Robot on my blog for your viewing pleasure and mine. Ha!


Anne said...

Is Max your relative? or Student? either way he is pretty cute!

Jamie Butts said...

Hi Anne,
Max is my sweet friend, kind of like a little relative, but not technically. :) Let's see... he's my dear friends' adopted son from the Ukraine, he's deaf, and I had the pleasure of living with his family one summer. He's changed and grown up so much. I'm getting rusty on what little sign language I had learned, being so far away from him, but we're going to see the Gerlts for Thanksgiving, so I'll get to practice then. He's a really fun kid, as you can tell.